Most popular Mobile Esports games of 2019

The year 2019 will be remembered for the mobile gaming industry as Mobile games made up 60% of revenue for the global video game market in 2019. It generated $49 billion in revenue and an overall profit of $16.9 billion, a study by found. According to the analysis of newzoo from past years data, 2019 was the first year in which the global esports industry broke the billion-dollar revenue milestone, with a year-on-year growth of 26.7%. Escharts has come up with a list of the most popular mobile esports of 2019.

According to escharts, 2019 turned out to be honeymoon period for mobile gaming which has shown impressive growth. They have summarized the results based on the data of the past year and showed which representatives of the esports industry have turned out to be the most viewed.

Now, let’s talk about the data they have collected. The hours watched of every esports event belonging to each of the disciplines were taken into account, sans the data from the Chinese platforms. In this post, we are going to tell you which most popular mobile esports game of 2019 has turned out to be the most viewed, according to escharts.

5. Clash Royale

In the year 2019, Clash Royale garnered a total of 5 million hours watched. When we talk about peak viewers, the season had 1.33 lac peak viewers. In 2018 the game became the most popular mobile esports discipline, only to lose this title in 2019.

clash royale esports
Photo via escharts

According to escharts, the reasons for such a turn of events were quite obvious because of the overall decrease of the game’s popularity and the appearance of an increasing number of rivals on the esports market, each boasting its own brand of unusual content to surprise the viewers.

4. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

In the year 2019, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang reached nearly 30 million hours watched. This mobile MOBA has scored its peak viewers mark of 6.48 lac during the MLBB World Championship 2019.

MLBB esports
Photo via escharts

According to escharts, there’s another interesting moment, given that the MLBB Worlds’ prize fund has amounted to 250 thousand dollars – which makes it 50 thousand less than one for the MPL ID Season 4, the league for the Indonesian teams. The peak viewers’ difference between the two reaches as much as 123%. From this, we can conclude that the viewers are attracted to events due to the latter having engrossing lists of participants rather than the large prize pools.

3. Free Fire

Garena Free Fire, one of the world’s most popular mobile battle royale game occupied the 3rd place by garnering 2 million peak viewers. The viewability indicator is yet another outstanding feature of this game, which has collected a total of 38 million hours watched over 2019.

free fire esports
Photo via escharts

According to escharts, the majority of its achievements were brought by the Brazilian fans, given that the game’s esports results in 2019 have mostly revolved around Free Fire Pro League Brazil. World Series 2019 Rio. The discipline’s titular championship has further cemented this success. This particular event has also featured gifts for the viewers. However, saying that the latter was attracted by the prizes alone would be wrong – given that the viewers were not seen leaving the stream right after receiving their gifts.

2. PUBG Mobile

While there is no doubt that PUBG Mobile is already revolutionizing the Mobile Esports scene, the upcoming year i.e 2020 looks even brighter for PUBG Mobile Esports. This mobile game has garnered a total of 55 million hours viewers in 2019. Its most popular tournament, PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split Global Finals, has gathered 5.96 lac peak viewers.

PUBG Mobile is known to be very popular among the fans hailing from the eastern countries. PMCO SEA League has happened to be the regional event with the largest overall indicators; aside from it, the finals of the two splits of PUBG Mobile Club Open have also shown excellent results.

pubg mobile esports
photo via escharts

The PUBG Mobile Esports system is different, in an interesting way: the game’s publisher conducts qualifiers not for the regions alone, but also for individual countries as well. In addition, the publisher also offers a large number of languages for the broadcasts of its game’s esports events. Nowadays, such features are still quite uncommon.

1. Arena of Valor

The title of the most-viewed game of the mobile esports goes to Arena of Valor. The game garnered total views of 72 million hours over the past year. Arena of Valor also successfully maintained an enormous gap with its nearest competitor.

AoV esports
Photo via escharts

The peak viewers measure was 7.64 lac viewers and was reached at the 2019 World Cup. Also, this is a significant improvement relative to 2018, with its corresponding metric of reaching 3.06 lac viewers at the World Cup as well. We’re seeing a greater than twice jump, in other words. This implies that the game has not only managed to keep its current milestones but also has improved upon them.

According to escharts, such statistics from 2019 could be due in turn to the two finals featuring the Vietnamese team. For this particular game, Vietnam is renowned for its large fanbase. Therefore, when the team began winning the world stage, the Vietnamese viewers clearly could not stay away from their team.

most popular esports mobile games of 2019

The last year has shown the gaming community, the incredible growth of mobile gaming, which has evolved from a mere newcomer into a real force for sports in just a couple of years. If these trends continue, it is entirely feasible to see some representatives of PC gaming being completely crushed by the pressure of the mobile industry.

What do you think about the most popular mobile esports games of 2019? Do let us know in the comments below. And for more mobile gaming news and updates do follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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