Clash of Clans: Was Operation Blue Skies a success?

When Supercell released the Legends League update for Clash of Clans earlier this year in June (named “Operation: Blue Skies”) they were met with positive results. Many players who were justifiably tired of waiting in the clouds to find a new base, could now play for shorter periods of time and spend more of that time attacking. In short, the newer system involved 8 attacks and 8 chances to defend your base per day. This meant that once your 16 encounters with enemy players were done for the day, you got the remainder of those 24 hours to log off and relax without the worry of being attacked.

How Operation Blue Skies changed the clouding scene in Clash of Clans?

The core mechanics of the game changed completely. It turned very quickly from a time-based win factor to a skill-based win factor. It was no longer a measure of who could stay in the clouds the longest, it was purely a measure of who could make the most of their limited attacks each season. 

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However, let’s have a look at both sides of the debate. 

Pre-June update was better

The biggest argument from this standpoint was that Operation: Blue Skies killed “trophy pushing” or “pushing”. This boils down to the fact that players could no longer sink hours into grinding up through bases, slowly increasing their trophy count. In respect, isn’t that what we all spent our time doing, pre-legends league? There was never a limit on attacks per day, or how many times you could be raided, why implement this now? Many also state the new update removed the social aspect of the game, as players would often keep the clan chat active while searching for a base. In conjunction with Supercell’s latest announcement (global chat removal), it really does feel as if they are cutting down on the free chat aspect of the game.

Operation Blue Skies was the right move

Following the direction of turning Clash of Clans into a more competitive, skill-based game, June’s update was destined to happen. With the Clash of Clans World Championship on the horizon, Supercell needed to raise the skill requirements, and generate top-level, consistent players through the new legends league system. Operation: Blue Skies was a big hit. The removal of choosing bases based on loot allowed players to focus purely on attack strategies and pushing higher on the trophy ladder. The perfect limit of 8 attacks (not including builder base attacks and clan war) gave players ample opportunity to train up unique armies and comfortably attack over the course of a day. 

From a personal standpoint, Operation: Blue Skies removed an aspect of the game many players hated, and more than likely bought back older players. It turned the game around completely and gave everybody a chance on making the top of the leaderboard. Supercell made an excellent move by implementing this system, and we can expect it to be around for the times ahead. 

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