Clash of Clans global chat is removed now; What happens next?

Bidding goodbye to CoC global interactions!

The removal of Clash of Clans Global Chat has come as a surprise to many fans as it was a staple feature in Clan recruitment and general chat. It gave Clash of Clans a more social platform for many players. It allowed them to relax and enjoy communicating with others while waiting for a building to finish construction, or troops to be trained. Finding Clans was made easier, especially finding a particular clan that best suited you. 

Supercell promises improvements over Clan Chat functionality

The question that is on everyone’s mind now is: What happens now? However, Supercell’s answer to this was as follows: “In the next update, we will be improving the Clan recruitment functionality, making it easier than ever for Clans to find new members and for players to find Clans that best suit their play style.”

Clash of Clans Global Chat
Image via Supercell

What will this next update include? Can we expect an in-depth, clan searcher, with lots of unique variables? Or perhaps a link to an external site or platform, where clan recruitment is dealt with? We have a lot of thoughts that are running currently.

The most important things for the replacement of Clash of Clans global chat

We believe these are the three important aspects to remember.

1. Keeping the social side of Clash of Clans alive

This mainly refers to the idea that the removal of the global chat function could also remove life from the game. Clash of Clans global chat is used to tie the players inside the game (leaving the toxicity aside).

2. Creating a useful function

When this new update goes live, players need a tool that actually helps and provides an option to search and locate clans. If executed correctly, a clan finder assistant could replace many functions that the official forums provide. 

3. Not replicating the global chat

It would be easy for Supercell to narrow down the new function to a series of smaller chat rooms, organized by clan types, say War frequency, Requests, etc. This isn’t what the player base needs. They need a forum-like structure, with in-depth search-ability, and a clear and open format.

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El chapo

This is the dumbest idea ever and it just made players harder to interact we want global chat back

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