eFootball PES 2020 Euro Mode: Top 7 Features that could have been added

Ever since Konami announced about the UEFA EURO 2020 mode on eFootball PES 2020, it has been a hugely anticipated thing among all the PES players around the world, both console and mobile platforms. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the UEFA EURO got postponed to 2021. Also, the EURO 2020 mode on PES got rescheduled too. After a long wait, Konami finally launched the free EURO mode on PES with their latest Datapack 7.0 (For Mobile) and 1.07.00 Patch(For Console) on 4th June. We can say that most of the PES players were not satisfied with the Datapack updates. Unsurprisingly, most of them feel that Konami should have done better for a DLC that was postponed from its original release date.

We agree with you completely, especially after a successful World Cup Mode on EA Sports FIFA 18. Konami should have done much better justice to their EURO 2020 Licensing, keeping the competition in mind. Here are our thoughts on things which Konami could have added in the EURO mode in PES 2020, to give the players a more refreshing and realistic gameplay experience with this game mode.

Why more content additions are required

It has been 4 days since the release of PES Datapack 7.0 (for mobile) and Patch 1.07.00 (for console). It’s safe to say that players of neither mode are satisfied with this recent update, which was largely anticipated mainly because of the addition of Euro 2020™ exclusive content. The only exciting content going on previously in PES were Iconic Moments player packs. The gameplay has become rather boring and repetitive. With all the lags, network issues and scripting, playing the online Matchday Mode has also become frustrating at times.

After EA did a good enough job with their World Cup mode in FIFA 18, Konami was expected much better content included in this update than they actually provided. It was a good opportunity to give players more reasons to play this Euro Mode in PES, with a much better, refreshing and exciting gameplay experience. Konami really could and should have done better on certain aspects of this update. This article provides our view on what could be added or improved and how.

Note: The following concepts are based on our opinions, and our experience of previous International Tournament modes on various football games, both console and mobile.

Concepts for PES Mobile

Konami really disappointed the majority of the PES Mobile players with their Euro Mode update. So far, the additions in Euro mode have been:

  • The official kits of all European National Teams are added, along with other major International countries from different continents.
  • All the managers of the national teams participating in EURO 2020 have got a face update.
PES EURO 2020 Spain kit
Official Spanish Kit in PES EURO 2020 mode

No confirmed themed Matchdays, Featured Players or Iconic Moments players have yet been confirmed by Konami in any official statement. However, according to Konami, there are chances that the national team Iconic Moments and Featured players would make an appearance in the later stages. With all that in mind, let’s look forward to how Konami could have made this EURO mode rather interesting and refreshing for PES 2020 players on the mobile platform with these additions:

EURO 2020™ themed events

Grinding the Tour Event weekly has become tiresome for most of the players. To give players a bit of freshness, Konami should have really included some EURO 2020 themed events in PES Mobile. Some cool events could have been:

  • Cup mode: Where players could have selected their favourite EURO team, and then jumped in the tournament straight away, starting from the group stage matches. Konami has added the UEFA EURO 2020 under Cup Mode in console, but the mobile players seem to be left out.
  • Euro Challenge: For the regular grind lovers, euro themed matchday/tour event where you could grind points, and earn rewards based on that.
  • Road to glory: Players could participate in the Euro tournament with a random team, and lead that team to the ultimate glory. This would have been great for the challenge lovers.

These are some fun and exciting themed events Konami could have added in PES mobile Euro 2020 mode to make it more enjoyable. We won’t mind Legend difficulty back as well!

Free National Team Featured/Legend Players

As we said, we have no official news from Konami about National Legends/Featured players coming in this EURO mode. However, the cards are there in PESMaster, so they are expected to make an appearance later. Konami could have given away some particular Legend/Featured players country-wise as a guaranteed or free reward for participating in the EURO game mode. Suppose, you choose France for participating in the EURO mode, and you get a Featured Mbappe or a Legend Viera card exclusively for this mode. That would have been great as well as morale-boosting for most players.

National Legends in PES
Some of the national legends cards available on PES Master

Talking of Legend cards, players have now been waiting since long for a Legends Box Draw in MyClub. What could have been a better place for Konami to fulfil players’ wish than this EURO mode? Inclusion of a National Legends Box Draw would have increased the craze of this mode by multiple times!

Check out reviews of Club based Iconic Moments players here:

New Stadiums

In EURO mode on PES console, Konami brought many new stadiums including Wembley Stadium, London and Gazprom Arena, St. Petersburg. Mobile players have been playing in “Konami Stadium” forever. To make the in-game experience of the EURO mode a bit refreshing for PES Mobile players, Konami could have tried adding new arenas. Though mobile players don’t get to see much of the stands and the stadiums inside matches, that could have changed with this mode. That would have made the gameplay experience a lot more exciting!

Wembley Stadium in PES 2020 Euro Mode
Wembley Stadium in PES Console EURO 2020 Mode

Now that we are done discussing about additions that could have been made to PES mobile, let’s move on to the console side.

Concepts for PES Console

While Konami limited most of their EURO 2020 exclusive content to console only, the players still don’t seem satisfied. For a patch that had already been delayed, Konami could have done much better, we think. Let’s take a look at the additions so far in PES console for this EURO mode:

PES console EURO 2020 Mode updates
Additions in PES Console EURO 2020 Mode

Now, let’s see how we think Konami could have added a bit of spice to this mode on console, to make the in-game experience a bit more exciting and attractive for the players.

Road to glory

Konami could have introduced a fun and challenging ‘Road to glory‘ format in EURO mode on PES console. This format is inspired by the Euro 2012 mode on FIFA 12, where a player could select only one single player from a particular national team and he would get other random teammates from that country. Then he would have to take part in the EURO tournament with that team and lead the team to glory. It certainly seems fun and challenging for us, and we think you’d feel the same way.

National Heroes

National Heroes‘ was a certain card type included in FIFA World Cup Mode in EA’s FIFA 18. The players who performed well in the real-life world cup matches used to get this featured in these cards. With UEFA postponing the EURO to 2021, that’s not a possible scenario for this EURO mode in PES. However, Konami could have done with some National Heroes Featured players packs, which could be earned as a reward whenever you win the Euro with your team on cup mode. The Rating of these Heroes players could have been proportional to the difficulty level, to make this fairer.

Euro themed National Stars

Knock-out cup mode

EURO themed matchdays are expected to be available in-game but at a later stage. Matchdays were newly added this year in eFootball PES 2020. But by this time, it has become a little boring for most players. If Konami could have added an online knock-out PvP cup mode, this would have been one of the best additions of Euro mode in PES. Of course, the matchmaking algorithm would have to be more complex than normal matchday but the devs could have taken their time and sort this out. Anything good requires patience, but the content must be worth the wait. Which easily would have been in this case.

Other changes

Now let’s talk about some changes which could have been applied for both Console and Mobile.

Customized Euro cards

Customized Euro cards for players of all teams taking part in Euro 2020 would have been a nice thing. Because squad role, position, and attributes of a player might change when he puts on the national jersey. Keeping in mind that EA introduced World Cup mode cards for all players with ratings, positions and stats changes, this won’t have been too time-consuming for Konami as well.

Final thoughts

Any good content requires time, lots of planning and thoughts. The postponement of UEFA EURO 2020 was an unprecedented event, and we had to miss out on some live updates or Team of the Tournament content. But other than that, we feel Konami could have done much better with this Euro mode, especially for PES mobile. The least we expect from Konami are Euro themed Matchdays and Tour events, even those are not added so far. Hopefully, they will be soon. After a very successful World Cup mode on FIFA Mobile 18, PES players were expecting for the same from Konami this time around. But they seem to have missed the chance of satisfying the players.

On console too, players are highly dissatisfied with the gameplay after this patch, and with no Myclub content for Euro so far. It’s all going a little down for Konami at this moment, it seems. However, they still have enough time to present players with some exciting and fun content in this mode. We all hope for that. With that, good luck playing the EURO 2020 Mode in PES. Let’s cross our fingers in the hopes of better Euro content!

This article is absolutely incomplete without your opinions and ideas. What are your thoughts on the PES Euro 2020 mode? Do you think Konami could have added anything else more exciting? Let us know in the comment section below!

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