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How does Genshin Impact 2.0 Pity system for the Weapon Banner affect the player base

A reworked pity system is here for the Weapon banners!

With the Genshin Impact 2.0 update, a reworked pity system will come to the Weapon banner i.e. Epitome Invocation banners. This mechanism is known as Weapon Wish MechanicEpitomized Path“. Unlike the character banner, Weapon Banner doesn’t have any guaranteed pity system. Since two weapons are featured along with a lot of off-banner five-star weapons, players could effectively get many weapons, other than the five-star weapon they want.

How does the new pity system Weapon Wish Mechanic ‘Epitomized Path’ work in Genshin Impact 2.0

On any weapon banner, players can chart a course towards one of the rate-up five-star weapon which they want. In case a non-selected weapon is pulled on that banner, one fate point will be given. The upper limit for fate points is 2. Once this limit is reached, the next pity hit guarantees the selected five-star weapon.

Points to remember

  • Players who do not choose the Epitomized Path for any featured weapon won’t get any fate points.
  • If the Epitomized Path is changed or cancelled, fate points would be reset.
  • If the selected weapon is obtained before hitting the guaranteed pity or any time during the course, gained fate points would get reset.
  • Epitome Invocation Banner’s unused fate points would get reset at the end of its period.

Genshin Impact 2.0 Pity system for weapon banner: Playerbase affected by the changes

Frankly, Epitome Invocation (Weapon Banner) will always be a part of whale territory. This is because, unlike character banners which have only one featured character, weapon banners have two featured weapons with a 50/50 chance to pull one of them. This will only happen after getting an off-banner weapon, i.e. only at guaranteed pity. Therefore, if players are pulling for one of the featured banner weapons, it is possible to get multiple copies of the other featured weapon along with an off-banner weapon. This could be well before getting even one copy of the weapon that one would want.

Even the Staff of Homa and Wolf’s Gravestone Banner, which was considered to be one of the best banners till now, was hardly wished upon by players who are not money-spending whales. Even if both featured weapons are good, one could still get an off-banner weapon, without guaranteed pity.

Genshin Impact Pity System Weapon banner
Epitomized Path in Weapon Wish mechanic

With the new Weapon Wish Mechanic “Epitomized Path”, a free-to-player would need nearly 240~ wishes. If weapon banner pity is at 80 wishes and to collect that amount of wishes, they would need to save for nearly three patches. On top of that fate, points would get reset, as soon as a banners period is over. This means it won’t get carried over to the next banner. Things may seem to have gone in the right direction, which is certainly true. Although, it still can’t appeal to free-to-play players or low-spenders. Except for a few determined players, no one would save for weapons instead of limited characters.

However, for money-spending whales, this is certainly good news. They can now easily estimate how much money they would need to get the weapon they want along with their refinements. If this change was aimed towards these players specifically, miHoYo has certainly made them happy. Although, free-to-play players and low-spenders will still steer clear of weapon banners for a while. Dolphins who are on the fence deciding whether to spend or not would certainly be encouraged to spend. This is because the expenditure amount can be calculated. It can be believed that this change was targeted at these dolphins from the very start.

A hint at a more accessible gacha in the future

This change certainly clarifies one or two things to some extent. If some features make the player base unhappy, miHoYo is willing to make adjustments to them. Since the very launch of the game, the weapon banner has had many players, especially the money-spending whales. They were very dissatisfied with its complete RNG for a specific weapon, even with heavy money being invested. This change mainly caters to whales, which is only one portion of the player base. It is somewhat justified since the whales are the ones funding the game.

Aside from the quality-of-life changes that come with every patch, free-to-play players aren’t going to see changes any time soon which would make the weapon banner more accessible to them. If fate points get carried over, things would be much better. Till then, the weapon banner is still a territory belonging to money-spending whales.

What are your thoughts on Genshin Impact 2.0 Pity System for the Weapon Banner? Do you like the current system? Let us know in the comments below.

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