Minecraft: Are you overlooking a potential multiplayer option

The opportunity to work on magnificent projects still stands

After its second wave of popularity, joining in of new players and return of older players, the multiplayer game Minecraft is now steadily doing well in the gaming sphere again. The game has received some really cool updates in recent times like Caves and Cliffs and the upcoming Wild Update so there’s a lot of content being pushed into the game to enjoy. 

minecraft popularity trends
Minecraft Popularity Trends

Put on your creative cap with Minecraft

Ever since Microsoft took over, there have been quite a lot of newer functions added- for example, cross-platform play that allows all players on the Bedrock version of the game (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, Mobile) to join the same world and play together. Players can even join servers being hosted by people around the world. 

The game has something for everyone. Players can be creative architects, genius Redstone experts, wild explorers, strategic town planners, game-changing modders, daring miners, hard-working farmers, and everything in between. Many consider Minecraft to be a part of the metaverse too because of how it has different roles to fit in and a lot of scope for emulating real life.

And because of this, it’s considered by many if not all gamers to be one of the best games ever made. Minecraft-related content is also doing very well with CCs like Dream having to speedrun while getting hunted down.

Various roleplay videos and even people sleeping inside Minecraft VR. There are multiple communities out there on platforms like Discord which have their own servers that people can join in.

Minecraft Multiplayer System: How does it work

Coming to the multiplayer/co-op side of things, as mentioned before, there’s a lot of different servers players can join into if they don’t have any friends to play with. There are PvP servers like The Hive, Bedwars, and Mineplex to name a few that have thousands of players online at any time. However, you can also play with your friends by setting up a server through Realms Plus (Minecraft’s paid membership that allows players to set up servers) or play for free with friends or family by connecting to the same wifi network. 

Over time Survival Multiplayer servers (SMPs) have also become very popular owing to creators like Dream and GeorgeNotFound who set up the DreamSMP which hosts a bunch of well-known Minecraft content creators. While a lot of people do play with their friends or on servers, Minecraft might get overlooked as an option while you’re contemplating which game to invite your friends too. Players can build up houses and forts and entire communities along with their friends and all of that make it a must to grab a copy of the game to join others in creating beautiful builds in endless worlds. 

The only downsides here are that Minecraft is a paid title and a Realms Plus subscription makes it costlier if playing over LAN isn’t an option. Also, while cross-play is possible across all devices running the bedrock version, the Java version of the game doesn’t allow it and only those running the Java version on a PC can play with other Java players. But that being said, the next time you’re organizing a game night or want to start a new game with your friends, don’t forget to think about Minecraft. 

What are your thoughts on the multiplayer system from Minecraft? Do you play Minecraft with your friends? Let us know in the comment section below!

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