State of Mobile Gaming and the Mobile Gamers Community

With a market value of over 135 billion last year, there is no denying that the smartphone is a legitimate gaming platform. Its the first gaming platform for everyone, but not everyone is excited about that. So after a few years of decent growth, what is the current state of mobile gaming?

Is there any competition with PC/Console Gaming?

For years PC and Console players have argued aggressively, passionately, and relentlessly. There is one thing they can agree on however, they don’t like mobile games. In fact, you won’t have to spend much time in a mobile gaming community to realize, even mobile gamers hate mobile games.

What the revenue is saying

To get an answer lets first let’s look at one of the top mobile games of all time, Candy Crush. Candy Crush has a listed revenue of $1,273,047, which is insane! Especially when you compare it to Fortnite, one of the most popular games in the world. Fortnite has earned only a measly $368,318 on the platform. Now Candy Crush is not a game your typical gamer would enjoy. The simple fact is most gamers wouldn’t waste their time on something like Candy Crush. So why is it so popular?

Candy Crush

A large part of the mobile gaming community is upset by the “candy crush” gamers. They blame the cash spending casuals for a platform full of developers focusing more on predatory low effort cash grabs, then pure enjoyment and fun. For the most part, they are not wrong, but I believe their mindset is. A large portion of the community attributes revenue success of the mobile market to addicts or “whales”. Whales are rich players with addictive personalities spending their life savings on mobile games. While I am sure these people do exist, the truth is a lot less nefarious. The simple truth is mobile gaming has changed gaming all around. The point of entry to gaming and entertainment has never been easier or cheaper and everyone is joining in.

What gaming looked like before the growth of Mobile Gaming and what is the current state?

state of mobile gaming, mobile gamers

Before the smartphone, gaming was hard to get into. Gaming was an investment both in time and money and that is no longer the case. These days everyone has a gaming console in their pocket. A hobby that once took a lot of interest to participate in is now so accessible it takes almost none. What once had a high point of entry is now so easy you may find yourself doing gaming on accident. Like it or not, casual gamers are the silent majority and money talks.

Thank the Grandparents

Gaming is changing, and that is a good thing! More people are gaming than ever and they deserve games too! Back in the day Grandma loved card games but had no interest in my PlayStation. Now, Grandma can play card games on her phone or brag to me about her level on candy crush. I for one am happy about it, they may not be playing what you like or how you like, but the more people gaming the better and I will prove it.

old people playing video games

Nowadays the amount of free to play cash grabs far outweighs the number of premium smartphone titles. We would not have the great titles or services we do have if it wasn’t for Grandma crushing her candies. The revenue provided by these types of games and their players has legitimized the platform. Without the millions of Grandmas crushing candies, we wouldn’t have such a large list of premium games. We wouldn’t have things like Apple Arcade and Google Stadia. Mobile gaming appeals to an incredibly large audience and the revenue is there. There is something for everyone and developers are scrambling to cash in and improve it.

So don’t complain that the majority of the platform isn’t for you, because if you’re reading this, you’re likely not the majority. Now go and hug your Grandma because, without people like her, the current state of mobile gaming wouldn’t be as amazing as it is today.

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