Top 8 Clash Royale cards that need a rework

Cards that need a rework!

Clash Royale features an exciting mix of collectable card game elements and tower defence gameplay.
While Clash Royale has a vast array of cards and strategies available to players, there are certain cards in the game that could benefit from a rework. These cards are often underused, or too situational to justify including in a deck. Here are 8 cards in Clash Royale that could benefit from a rework. This is based on their performance in the game and the feedback from the community.

Cards that need a rework in Clash Royale

1. Wizard

The Wizard has received multiple nerfs over time. While it is a powerful ranged unit that deals splash damage, it has struggled to find a place in the game due to its high cost and falls short compared to other cards in the same elixir range, such as the Electro Wizard, the Musketeer, or the Executioner.

Clash Royale rework cards
Image via Supercell

Its low hit points and vulnerability to swarm troops can make it an easy target for opponents. Increasing its hit points or damage output could make it a more compelling option. Reducing its cost could also make it easier to fit into a deck.

2. Rascals

While it is a unique card that combines a ranged and melee unit, it is often considered a “dead card” by many players. This is due to its underwhelming performance in battles. One of the main issues with the Rascals card is its high cost i.e. 5 elixirs compared to its low damage output. It can be easily countered by many cheap cards. Its limited range which was nerfed to 0.8 tiles makes it difficult to use effectively in battles. It falls short against air troops and swarm troops.

Image via Supercell

Increasing the Rascal Boy’s range so it can counter swarm cards effectively and increasing the Rascal Girl’s hit points and damage rate could make it a more compelling option for attacking and defending as the log can take out the girls at once.

3. Barbarian Barrel

A spell card that deploys a barrel containing a single Barbarian. Despite being two elixirs, its usage rate is relatively low compared to other spells in the game, such as the Log. Players often prefer to use other spell cards, such as the Arrows or the Zap. They can be more effective in dealing with swarm troops, goblin barrels, and other threats.

Clash Royale Rework Cards
Image via Supercell

Barbarian Barrels can be useful for taking out low to medium-hit-point troops. But most of the players use the log as the range and width of the log are 10.1 tiles and 3.9 tiles respectively as compared to 4.5 tiles and 2.6 tiles of Barbarian barrel. A potential reboot could be to increase its range and width.

4. Skeleton Dragon

The Skeleton Dragon card in Clash Royale is a flying troop that can be useful for taking out ground troops and buildings. However, compared to other flying troops such as the Baby Dragon(4 elixirs) or the Minions(3 elixirs), its usage rate is relatively low. To increase the Skeleton Dragon’s viability, a potential reboot would be to increase the Skeleton Dragon’s hitpoints and damage rate.

Skeleton Dragon
Image via Supercell

Currently, its damage per second is relatively low 1.9 sec, and it struggles to take out higher hit-point troops quickly. By increasing its damage output, the Skeleton Dragon could become a more potent attacker. The next change could be reducing its elixir cost to 3 for the fast cycle.

5. Barbarian Hut

The Barbarian Hut is a building card in Clash Royale that spawns Barbarians at regular intervals. While it can be a useful defensive structure, its usage rate is relatively low compared to other building cards like the Goblin Hut or the Tombstone.

Clash Royale Rework Cards
Image via Supercell

One possible way to make the card stronger would be to increase the spawn rate of the Barbarian Hut. Currently, it spawns Barbarians every 15 seconds, which can be too slow to keep up with fast-moving troops or large swarms of enemies as compared to goblin hut which spawns goblins every 11 seconds. By decreasing the spawn time to 12 or 11 seconds, the Barbarian Hut could become a more potent defensive structure.

Another possibility could be to adjust the Barbarian Hut’s cost. Currently, it costs 6 elixirs, which can be relatively expensive for a building card, which is a major reason many players opt for goblin hut which cost 5 elixirs.

6. Witch

Witch Card
Image via Supercell

The Witch card is an interesting troop that spawns skeletons and fires bolts of magic to attack enemies. Although it can be a useful card in some situations, it has a low usage rate now compared to other cards.
A potential reboot would be to add a unique ability to the Witch. For example, it could be given the ability to spawn other stronger creatures once a certain number of skeletons are on the battlefield. This would create a strategic element in terms of managing the number of skeletons that are spawned.

7. Minion Horde

Minion Horde
Image via Supercell

The Minion Horde is a powerful air unit in Clash Royale that consists of six Minions. Despite its highly powerful defence, the Minion Horde has a low usage rate in competitive play due to its vulnerability to spells and splash damage like a fireball, arrows and even zap can take them out with the help of the princess tower.

Minion Hordes which cost 5 elixirs can be countered easily by 2 elixir card zap, they can also be countered by a wizard in one go. Therefore, one reboot could be to increase the hitpoints, so they can still be left with some health after being hit by arrows. Another could be to reduce the cost to four elixirs.

8. Hunter

Clash Royale Rework Cards
Image via Supercell

The Hunter is a 4-elixir cost shotgun-wielding card that can deal massive damage at close range, making it a powerful card against tanks and high-health units. However, the usage rate is low because of its low damage for a longer range, which makes it vulnerable to long-range cards like Baby dragon.
Increasing Hunter’s range slightly would allow it to attack from a safer distance. Alternatively, by increasing its attack speed it can easily counter-swarm troops.


In conclusion, whether it’s adjusting the card’s stats, reducing its cost, or increasing its versatility, a reboot could breathe new life into these cards and make them more appealing to players. The development team at Supercell continually works on balancing and updating the game, and it will be interesting to see if any of these cards receive a reboot in the future.

What are your thoughts about these Cards that need a rework in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comment section below!

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