AG Super Play is crowned as the champion of Honor of Kings International Championship (KIC) 2023

Presenting the new champion of KIC 2023!

The grand event of the popular MOBA Honor of Kings has ended with the crowning of a new champion. AG Super Play has defeated the other finalist Weibo Gaming by 4-2 to become the Honor of Kings International Championship (KIC) 2023 champion. This is the first major esports trophy for the Honor of Kings Challenger Cup 2023 winner. Winning the event has also made them pocket a huge amount.

Before the grand finals, the event started on the 29th of November 2023 at Chengdu Phoenix Hill Sports Park. It featured a total of ¥69,000,000 (almost $9,800,000)Level Infinite and VSPN organized the event. 16 teams fought for the ultimate glory.

The Champion team dominated the whole KIC 2023 event

Well, the champion of KIC 2023 had a smooth run throughout the whole event. The team advanced to the knockout stage after being the champion of Group A. Defeating ONE Team in the upper-bracket quarterfinals by a clean sweep of 4-0 placed the team in the upper-bracket semi.

The only team that threw the champion a challenge was the Wolves. It looked like the champion was going to face a defeat but still managed to pick up a win after taking the final two rounds. The scoreline was 4-3.

Honor of Kings International Championship (KIC) 2023 champion
Image via Tencent

However, the team had no issues in winning the upper-bracket final as they won against Hero JiuJing by 4-1. Then, the team met Weibo Gaming in the grand finals. After two consecutive wins in the first two rounds, it looked like AG Super Play was going for a clean win. But Weibo turned back and took the next two rounds. However, the KIC 2023 champion team was well determined to win the trophy home and the final two rounds were taken by them.

The champion gathered a huge amount to put into their pocket

Honor of Kings International Championship (KIC) 2023 featured a massive prize pool of ¥69,000,000 (almost $9,800,000). Winning the event has allocated the largest share to the KIC 2023 champion. Besides, XuBicheng was awarded the Final MVP. The allocation for each team based on their ranking is as follows.

Team RankingPrize Money (approx. in USD)
The Champion¥20,000,000 ($2,820,000)
Runner-up¥9,000,000 ($1,300,000)
3rd¥6,400,000 ($900,000)
4th¥5,200,000 ($732,000)
5th-6th¥4,000,000 ($565,000)
7th-8th¥3,000,000 ($425,000)
9th-16th¥1,800,000 ($255,000)
Final MVP of Honor of Kings International Championship (KIC) 2023
Image via Tencent

With the end of this event, the title marked the end of its 2023 competitive year. Now, the next stage is ready as 2024 is coming in. Fans will be waiting for the new year to come with more exciting events and action-packed matches.

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