AP.Bren is crowned as the champion of the Mobile Legends M5 World Championship 2023

ONIC Esports becomes the unfortunate runner-up!

An epic Clash of the Titans meets a sweet ending finally! Talking about the Mobile Legends Bang Bang M5 World Championship where the champion title went to AP.Bren after defeating ONIC Esports by a scoreline of 4-3 in a cut-to-throat battle.

The best-of-seven rounds were filled with intensity and an epic journey for the spectators. Winning the event has made the Philippino team the “best in the world” and also allocated a huge amount of money, $300,000. This is their second M series trophy. The team won the champion title back in 2021 after defeating Burmese Ghouls in Singapore.

M5 World Championship: How it went for the champion team

It was not easy for the champion team to get themselves to the grand final. The team was the “C” group champion and met See You Soon in the knockout stage and then faced off Geek Fam ID in the upper-bracket semi. Both the scoreline was 3-1 and then, the team moved to the upper-bracket final where the runner-up was waiting to greet them. A heartbreaking defeat has demoted the team to the lower bracket and they had to fight against Blacklist International. However, an energetic win put the champion in the final again.

Mobile Legends M5 World Championship award ceremony
Image via MOONTON Games

ONIC looked like a whole different team in the first round. The performance gap was easily noticeable. AP.Bren won the first round after a quick game but the next round was a comeback match for ONIC. Thus, while the final was 1-1 after the first two rounds, AP.Bren took the next two games consecutively to push the opponent ONIC to the edge of falling from the match.

However, the 5th round was so far the best game in the series. A split second may ruin the journey of ONIC but the team managed to take out their opponents, Sanz put up an impossible performance while going through the round. The team made a comeback and the scoreline was at 3-2, again ONIC managed to keep the light of hope active.

M5 World Championship final round of the grand final match
Image via MOONTON Games

The sixth round also seems to be dominated by ONIC. And, they continued the performance for the rest of the round and it looked like ONIC was back into the game again. The team continuously attacked the opponent and outsmarted to win another round. Moving to the last round of the BO7 final, it was the quickest match in the grand finals. The mistake ONIC players have made was not picking the meta heroes. Thus, it gave an advantage to the champion to take the round away.

The champion team pocketed a huge amount of the prize pool

Winning the event made the champion pocket a sum of $300,000 while the runner-up took $120,000. Blacklist International secured the third place and was entitled to $80,000. Deus Vult grabbed $55,000 on their way back home. The rest of the allocation that the event shared with its participants is as follows.

Team RankingPrize Pool

FlapTzy, EXP Laner from the champion team of the M5 World Championship, has won the MVP award for his unprecedented support to his team. The player was awarded an additional $5,000.

M5 World Grand Finals set a new record after crossing 5 million concurrent views

The grand final of the M5 World has crossed a peak viewership of 5 million concurrent views, making it the most popular MLBB event so far. The event was streamed in several languages and channels of Mobile Legends Bang Bang esports. The spectators would agree that the final saga was filled with everything they could’ve wanted from a grand final.

It was an event that fans will rejoice in remembering. A sweet conclusion to an epic saga. Moreover, fans will be looking forward to the next esports year to kick-off. The M6 World Championship will take place in Malaysia as announced in the grand stage of the M5.

What are your thoughts on AP.Bren being crowned as the champion of the Mobile Legends M5 World Championship? Let us know in the comments below!

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