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BGMI: Global Esports announced to disband its Battlegrounds Mobile India lineups

Global Esports take a stand amidst swarms of allegations against BGMI lineups!

The subject of teams and players violating the codes of conduct and breaching the rules implemented against cheating has been a hot topic in the Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI community in the past few weeks after the start of Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023. Global Esports was one of the teams participating in this tournament who were receiving the flak based on these accusations. And now as a result of all these, Global Esports has announced to disband BGMI lineups which is sure to cause some ripples throughout the community, primarily because the individuals involved are implying that they are not guilty.

Team Mayavi from Global Esports is speculated to be among the BGMI lineups getting disbanded

The attention of the entire community was on Global Esports because of them employing alleged hackers to play for one of their three BGMI teams, that is, Team Mayavi, coached by Mayavi, a BGMI commentator, analyst, and content creator. The accusations were further fueled by content creators and other BGMI esports players associated with T1 teams on YouTube. But the 4-man team and its coach Mayavi have as of today, denied that they are guilty of any of the charges.

Earlier today, in a live stream that has been hidden from the channel since it ended, Dr. Rushindra Sinha, the CEO and owner of Global Esports stated that GE is severing its contract with all its BGMI teams and will start afresh.

Global Esports BGMI lineups disband
Image via Krafton

He stated that the reason behind this decision is to avert the negative PR his company is receiving from the allegations and that he would stick to the decision regardless of whether the accusations of hacking and scamming are true or not. According to him, the reputation of Global Esports as a whole lies above Team Mayavi, or GE Phoenixes for that matter.

Global Esports’ female BGMI roster GE Phoenix also faced potent accusations due to which they are getting disbanded

Besides the much-publicized hacking allegations faced by Team Mayavi, Global Esports’ female BGMI roster, GE Phoenix, also faced potent accusations of ringing and slot scamming. The IGL of GE Phoenix, GE Vixen, allegedly scammed the owner of one Sting Esports, who acquired a slot in the BGIS, and took it for her own team. During the tournament, they were accused of ringing, that is, fielding another player who was not registered with the team to play for them under an alias.

Global Esports BGMI lineups disband
Image via GE Phoenix

The move where we saw Global Esports disband BGMI lineups has thus extended to this lineup as well given the allegations of stealing the slot of another team. Also, according to Dr. Sinha, the Phoenixes players were still considered for long-term contracts and not committed to the organization permanently, and were thus dispensable.

Although he stated that the owner of Sting admitted to giving away the slot, there has been news going around the community that he was coaxed into doing so in order to keep the GE brand name clean.

The main BGMI lineup of Global Esports is also on the brink of getting disbanded as well

Although no separate statement was made for the main lineup of Global Esports’ BGMI project, the team led by star IGL Mavi is almost sure to be dismissed as well. The implications were made when Dr. Sinha, revealed on stream that Global Esports will disband its BGMI lineups of Team Mayavi, and Phoenixes and altogether will cease all operations regarding BGMI briefly. He said that starting October 1st, a new BGMI outfit for the organization will be announced and the slate will be wiped clean for now.

Global Esports BGMI lineups disband
Image via Global Esports

Although no comments have been made on the accused players being guilty or not, Dr. Sinha has said that Global Esports have faced such a situation before with the lineup that currently plays for Blind Esports, saying that people accused them as well, but applauded them as stars once they were proven to be clean.

Since he and his team no longer have any allegiance to any organization, they will be able to speak and explore ideas freely without having to worry about PR ratings, as expressed by Mayavi himself in a private Instagram story in the meantime. He added that the tale is still unfolding and if they are honest, it should be good for BGMI and PUBG Mobile as a whole, although it is unclear what the arguments will be.

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