BLVKHVND is crowned as the first-ever champions of the Pokémon Unite World Championship 2022

The team showed complete dominance.

The first edition of the Pokémon Unite World Championship just concluded today. The New York-based Esports team, BLVKHVND has been crowned as the first-ever champions of Pokémon Unite World Championship 2022, which was the inaugural edition of the tournament. The event was held offline in London with the top 13 teams from around the world. Nouns Esports became the runners-up of the tournament. 

BLVKHVND showed dominance throughout the Pokémon Unite World Championship 2022

BLVCKHVND came into this tournament as the North American regional champions. Previously, they also won the NA Regional Championship in 2022 in a dominating fashion. In this tournament, BLVKHVND was one of this season’s favourites. The team also lived up to the expectations of their fans and did not disappoint anyone. BLVKHVND won the World Championship with an undefeated run.

Group Stage

Thirteen teams were divided into four different groups. The group standings were as follows: 

Group A

  • 1st: T2
  • 2nd: No Show
  • 3rd: orangutan
  • 4th: Revenant Esports

Group B

  • 1st: Renaissance
  • 2nd: Eternity
  • 3rd: Secret Ship

Group C

  • 1st: BLVKHVND
  • 2nd: IClen
  • 3rd: Apprentice Unleashed

Group D

  • 1st: IX Gaming
  • 2nd: Nouns Esports
  • 3rd: Xis

The top two teams from each group proceeded to the playoffs stage. 

Play-off Stage

The teams played the playoffs stage in a double elimination bracket. BLVKHVND defeated No Show in the Quarter-Finals with a score of 2-1 in a Best of 3 matches.

BLVKHVND Player of the Game
Image via The Pokémon Company

In the semi-finals, BLVKHVND faced IX Gaming and defeated the North American counterpart with a score of 2-0. Nouns Esports were the opponents of BLVKHVND in the Grand Final. BLVKHVND defeated Nouns Esports in the Grand Final with a dominating score of 3-0. Overlord became the player of the game in the final match. 

BLVKHVND took home a fair share of the prize pool winning the Pokémon Unite World Championship 2022

Pokemon Unite World Championship prizepool
Image via The Pokémon Company

The overall prize pool of the tournament was $5,00,000. BLVKHVND will be taking home $1,00,000 as the champions. At the same time, Nouns Esports will get $75,000 for being the runners-up. The overall prize pool distribution is given below:

Place Prize Pool (in $USD)Teams
2nd$75,000Nouns Esports
5th$45,000IX Gaming
6th$45,000No Show
10th$10,000Secret Ship
11th$10,000Apprentice Unleashed
13th$5,000Revenant Esports

That’s it for the Pokémon Unite World Championship 2022.

What are your thoughts as BLVKHVND has been crowned as the champions of Pokémon Unite World Championship 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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