China’s Wild Rift League introduces a new Transfer Window to recruit esports players

The first transfer window starts today!

Wild Rift Icons showed us the popularity of Wild Rift in the esports scenario. With the new season of WRL starting soon, the Wild Rift League (WRL) of China is introducing a new transfer window format.

The first Trade Window of Wild Rift League will run till Aug 14

Transfer Window is a specific period in the year during which teams can sell or buy players they want, as long as they abide by roster rules and regulations. While this is a common format in every major esports title in China. This will be the first transfer window in Wild Rift. 

With the WRL Challengers 2022 Season 1 concluding recently, the transfer window of Wild Rift League is now open. Teams can now add or drop players in their roster from today till August 14. The supporters are waiting for some exciting transfer news from today. 

Wild Rift Esports has gained a lot of popularity since its first season started. The first edition of Wild Rift Icons witnessed the power of WRL teams with Nova Esports being the first ever world champions of Wild Rift. With the fast-growing popularity and player base, the introduction of a new format in WRL will change the dynamics of the league. The next season of WRL will undoubtedly be an exciting one as we can hope for a lot of exciting transfer news during the first transfer window.

What are your thoughts on the introduction of the new Transfer Window in Wild Rift League (WRL)? Let us know your opinions in the comment section below!

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