Clash Champs is crowned as the champion of Clash of Clans World Championship (COCWC) 2023

The team is the world champion!

The 2023 esports year was a mixed experience for Clash Champs. From the Golden Ticket event, the team got a seat in the Clash of Clans World Championship (COCWC) 2023. But, a whole new level of performance has put the team on the throne of the champion of the COCWC 2023. After defeating Repotted Gaming in the grand finals by 12-11, the team lifted the champion trophy and pocketed a huge amount of money.

Clash of Clans World Championship (COCWC) 2023 held offline at Messukeskus Helsinki. Started on the 24th of November 2023, the event closed today after crowning the world champion.

Clash of Clans World Championship (COCWC) 2023: The champion team’s run on the event

Champs were ahead from the very first match where pCastro picked up a 3-star attack on TEMPER‘s base. The intelligent play lured the Archer Queen first to take damage and she was backed by the healers to massacre everything without losing much health. The strategy also included other troops, and spells and the attack became a successful one.

Super Bowlers played an important role in destroying everything in time. In reply, General X attacked on pCastro’s base. But, the attack went in vain accumulating 91% damage to the enemy’s base. General X managed to collect 2-stars and the champion was one ahead. This scene continued till the end of the final round, resulting in Clash Champs becoming the champion.

Clash of Clans World Championship (COCWC) 2023 grand final match, Clash Champs vs Repotted Gaming
Image via Supercell

The champion team faced Tribe Gaming in their first match. Winning the match has placed the team in the Upper-Bracket Semifinals where SUP™ B.L.T.X was waiting to greet the team. Destroying them by a good margin, the champion went to the upper-bracket final and then, defeated the runner-up, Repotted Gaming.

Losing the match, the runner-up went down to the lower bracket final and faced off SUP™ B.L.T.X. The team won the match and came to the grand final to meet their slayer in the upper-bracket final, the Clash of Clans World Championship (COCWC) 2023 champion, Clash Champs. Winning the event, the champion team displayed a wild celebration. The celebration was wild and the champion team snapped the trophy while enjoying the moments! However, after the ceremony was over, the champion team left the stage with smiles on their faces.

Champion Clash Champs pocketed a whopping amount

This year’s event featured a massive amount of prize pool. A total of $1,000,000 was shared with the teams based on their overall rankings after the end of the event. The distribution of the prize money is as follows.

Team RankingPrize Money
The Champion$300,000
Runner up$150,000

After a successful event closing today, the game will be looking to kick off another exciting season in 2024. At least, the game gave a hint of it in the end!

What are your thoughts on Clash Champs being crowned as the champion of the Clash of Clans World Championship (COCWC) 2023? Let us know the comments below.

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