CRL West 2019 Finals: SK Gaming wins the crown

The sixth (and last) week of CRL (Clash Royale League) West 2019 just finished! This two days we saw very incredible and decisive matches, who gave us the one and only team that’s going to compete in the CRL West 2019 Finals! Let’s jump into it and take a look at the highlights of this sixth weekend.

Saturday, October 19th: Eleventh day of CRL 2019

The matches of this eleventh day of the competition have been really important for the competition. Let’s take a look at the schedule down below:


Team Queso VS SK Gaming ended up with a 2-0 for Queso. This didn’t change much for SK, considering that they were already qualified for the finals. NRG eSports VS Team Liquid was a 2-1 for Liquid, who secured third place in the finals. Misfits Gaming won 2-1 against Immortals, but this wasn’t enough to qualify them, leaving them out of the finals. Complexity VS Pain Gaming was a 2-1 for Complexity, but it didn’t change much either. Finally, FNATIC VS Tribe Gaming ended up being a 2-1 for FNATIC, who secured the fourth place in the finals.

Some of these matches didn’t change much at the end. On the other hand, we got some decisive match-ups, who really changed the league for some teams! SK Gaming completely dominated this season and secured a really safe place in the competition. Other teams, like Dignitas or Complexity, didn’t really offer much in terms of wins.

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Sunday, October 20th: Last day of CRL West 2019

We finally got to the CRL West 2019 Finals! The last day of CRL West 2019! Basing on their position on the leaderboard, this is the schedule of this final day:

crl west 2019 finals

As you can see, every single one of these teams has a chance of going to the World Final! Of course, the higher they are, the easier it is for them. Let’s see how these matches went!

As for the first one, NRG eSports beat Immortals, eliminating them from the competition. After that, NRG eSports themselves lost against FNATIC, who lost against Team Liquid right after. Then, one of the most epic matches of the day, Team Liquid VS Team Queso, ended up being a very close victory for Liquid. And, at the very end, the legendary SK Gaming VS Team Liquid was an incredible win for SK, who is now officially the CRL West Champions!

Even though Liquid lost at the very end, they’ll still have a chance in the World Finals alongside SK Gaming! We can’t wait for that moment to come! We will see you directly in the arena!

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