Top 3 Elixir Golem decks in Clash Royale for the new meta

Clash Royale‘s newest card, the Elixir Golem, has officially been released into the game through a special draft challenge a week ago! Therefore, people started experimenting with it in challenges or even at the top ladder. So let’s see the top 3 decks who feature the Elixir Golem!

best elixir golem decks

#3 Elixir Golem Graveyard Control

 best decks in clash royale

One of the best win conditions to pair with the Elixir Golem is the Graveyard. Using this 3 elixir tank with it makes it for very cheap yet deadly pushes!

The presence of Witch and Fisherman makes the deck even stronger. These are two of the best cards in the entire game! They can get a lot of value really easily and overwhelm the opponent even easier!

All in all, even if it’s not the best Elixir Golem deck out there, it’s still more than viable! Just watch out from all the Poisons that your opponent might use on you!

#2 Elixir Golem MK Double Witches

elixir golem mega knight

Mega Knight is finally back into the meta! In this case, he provides a lot of utility against the Witch, the Wall Breakers and the Elixir Golem itself. This makes him very very useful and much stronger than before!

In addition, the double Witches make a return as well, complementing each other perfectly! Also, the newly buffed Night Witch is now a bigger threat with her two extra Bats at death!

Particularly, this deck is perfect to counter most of the decks in the actual meta! In conclusion, stick with it if you find a lot of Witches in your way!

#1 Elixir Golem Sparky Beatdown

elixir golem sparky

Finally, get ready for the most broken deck in all of Clash Royale‘s history! This Elixir Golem Sparky deck is considered one of the strongest and lowest skilled decks ever!

The main strategy is the following: start a Sparky in the back, defend and then put an Elixir Golem in front! Hence, the opponent will be overwhelmed by your whole push and most of the times you’ll even be able to three crown him!

Moreover, the presence of the Fisherman makes this deck even more of a threat! The previous nerf clearly wasn’t enough to make the card unviable, so he’s still used a lot! Hence, let’s just hope they don’t kill him completely with the next balance changes!

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This is it for the top 3 Elixir Golem decks in Clash Royale! Many people expect a nerf of the card in the next balance changes, though we are not sure about it! We’ll see what Supercell wants to do!

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