CRL West 2019 first week: Highlights, leaderboards and more

CRL West 2019 first week is just ended, and it has been really exciting for every fan. Lots of battles, lots of interesting decks, lots of synergies and much more! So let us take a look at the CRL West 2019 first week highlights.

The rules of CRL West 2019

To start things off, let’s quickly talk about the rules: every match is going to have a 2v2 set, a King Of The Hill (or KOTH for short) set and, in case a play-off is needed, a 1v1 set. Whoever plays the 2v2 set loses the ability to play on the 1v1 set. Also, bans come back on 2v2’s, and it’s now impossible to tie any game in any set! In fact, there’s a new tiebreaker system consisting in giving the win to whoever is able to get more damage on the Princess Towers before the end of the timer.

Saturday, September 14: First day of CRL

During the first day, each team played once against a single opponent, all gaining either a win or a loss. You may take a look at the schedule below,


The first matchday included Team Liquid VS Dignitas, Cream eSports vs SK Gaming, NRG eSports vs Immortals, Team Queso vs Complexity, Misfits vs FNATIC and paiN Gaming vs Tribe. If you’re curious to see which players are included in the roster, check out our previous CRL post.

The first match of the day ended up with a clean 2-0 victory from Team Liquid, putting them first on the leaderboard. Next, SK Gaming pulled off a 2-1 victory against Cream eSports, putting them 4th on the leaderboard. They tied their rank with both Immortals and paiN Gaming, who got the same results. However, Team Queso won against Complexity, putting themselves to 3rd position, while Misfits got 2nd, winning against FNATIC.

This first day we saw a really good variety of 2v2 decks. Lava Hound, Giant Skeleton and Tornado were some of the most banned cards. However, we saw a lot of Graveyards, Ram Riders and, of course, Fishermen! This card is very strong now so that we see it in almost every single deck! This brought back the Zap as well, which is able to stun the Fisherman thanks to a glitch. All in all, many archetypes were used throughout the games!

Sunday, September 15: Second day of CRL

The second day of the competition only had four matches in hand. This is what the schedule looked like:

schedule, crl west 2019 first week highlights

The second matchday included Complexity vs NRG eSports, Immortals vs Cream eSports, FNATIC vs Team Queso and, last but not least, SK Gaming VS Team Liquid.

In the first match, Complexity got their first win with a clean 2-0, bringing them to 6th place on the leaderboard. Immortals was able to beat Cream eSports with a 2-1, bringing them to 2nd place. FNATIC won against Team Queso as well with a 2-1, but it still remains pretty low on the leaderboard. However, SK Gaming got their revenge against Team Liquid thanks to their new addition Javi14, bringing them 1st position!

This second day still showed a good variety of decks as well, with Fisherman still dominating the meta and Giant Skeleton making lots of appearances as well. Fireball-bait decks also got pretty high winrates, while Lava-Miner and Royal Giant decks still remain quite popular. In both days we also saw a few Bomber decks, mainly from Royal.

At the end of the day, this is the look of the leaderboard:

crl west 2019 leaderboard, crl west, clash royale league
crl west 2019 leaderboard, crl west 2019 first week highlights
crl west 2019 leaderboard, crl west 2019 first week highlights, crl west

What are your thoughts on this CRL West 2019 first week? For now, it’s still too early to make any prevision, but Immortals, SK Gaming and Team Liquid seem to have taken the lead. We’ll see how it goes over the next weeks of the competition!

Do you want to keep see news about CRL West? If so, make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Facebook and Twitter! That being said, we’ll see you in the arena!

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