Clash Royale League West 2019 Team Rosters: Meet the players

Clash Royale‘s biggest and most competitive tournament, Clash Royale League (or CRL for short), is starting soon (September 14, 2019) here on the west! So, Let’s take a look at the Clash Royale League West 2019 team rosters to see which teams made the changes this year!


Complexity has not made any change in their roster. This team has some of the best players in the world and decided to stay this way! To be part of it, there will be:

  • Coltonw83
  • Vulkan
  • Razzer
  • Airsurfer
  • Adrian Piedra

We expect a lot from this team and we can’t wait to see them in action!


This is another team who decided to remain the same as before. Again, with some really noticeable players who are going to shine in this competition! We have:

  • Ahcraaaap
  • Lapokati
  • Royal
  • Thegod_rf


Now, getting to the actual changes, we have Misfits, who decided to add a new star in the group: Juicy J. Winner of the WCG tournament 2019, he decided to be part of this team for CRL! The whole roster will then be:

  • Loay
  • Berin
  • Wings
  • Trainer Chris
  • Juicy J

Team Queso

The Spanish Team Queso also decided to add a new entry to the roster: Rubén! Will this guy be able to bring them to the win? The whole roster now is:

  • Darkangel
  • Azilys
  • Beniju
  • Chuchii Cuu
  • Rubén


Dignitas decided to made a little modify on their roster. Now we have Skilz instead of Tiltededdie! The roster count still remains four, and they are:

  • Blaze
  • Oxalate
  • Frost
  • Skilz

Cream eSports

Cream made some huge changes to the roster! From the six players that they had, they now changed three of them, as well as adding one of the best players in the world: Pompeyo! The whole roster will now be:

  • Lucdubs
  • Lince
  • Kodigo
  • Pompeyo

NRG eSports

On the other hand, NRG changed almost the entire roster! Apart from Hazard, who was already there, they added Fla, Trainer Diputs and a new player directly from Team Liquid: Boeufmac! The whole roster now is:

  • Hazard
  • Fla
  • Trainer Diputs
  • Boeufmac

Tribe Gaming

Tribe also made some huge changes to their team. They got Carter, who played from NRG, and Soking, who played for SK Gaming! The entire roster will now be:

  • B-Rad
  • Tommy
  • Nitrah
  • Carter
  • Soking

SK Gaming

To fill the place that Soking left, they added Javi14 from FNATIC into their team! Everything else remains the same. The roster will then be

  • SergioRamos
  • Morten
  • Xopxsam
  • Javi14


Again, to fill Javi14’s place into the roster, FNATIC decided to add a new player onto their team: Bassotto! Will this really good player give the team more chances of winning? Only time will tell that. The roster will now be:

  • Fei
  • Mikel
  • Teray
  • Bassotto

paiN Gaming

paiN made a couple of changes as well. Surg_TS left the team, allowing Michifu to join! The whole roster will be:

  • Renan Cava
  • Wen
  • Karnage
  • Michifu

Team Liquid

Team Liquid added two more players into their roster! One of them is Surg_TS, who left paiN Gaming. The other one is Egor, another really good player who recently got old enough to participate! The roster now is:

  • Surgical Goblin
  • DiegoB
  • Kanariooo
  • Surg_TS
  • Egor

These are all the players who are joining the competition! We could see some small and big changes for few teams in Clash Royale League West 2019 team rosters, but who will take the crown this year, only time will reveal that.

Are you ready for the CRL West? If so, make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Facebook and Twitter to see all the news about this year’s Clash Royale League! That being said, we’ll see you in the arena!

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