eFootball Championship 2022: Format, Schedule, Prize pool and more

The eFootball entertainent is back from this June 2022!

With the mobile release for eFootball 2022 coming closer, KONAMI has given another amazing update on the competitive structure of the game. The fans of the beautiful game can enjoy a competitive structure of online football entertainment with the upcoming eFootball Championship 2022, with Open and Pro format, which is made open for all platforms. The event is scheduled to start this June 2022, and all the fans need to understand how to participate along with the roadmap of how the Championship will progress. So, in this article, we will explain the details regarding the much-awaited eFootball Esports event.

eFootball Championship 2022

Following the success of the eFootball League 20/21 that kicked off in December 2021, KONAMI has come up with an updated model with a lot of improvements over their previous format. In the previous season, the game’s highest player base, the mobile users were left out of the “competitive” events, which definitely made the players disappointed, and KONAMI did not repeat that mistake this time. With the cross-platform support coming in and with a brand fresh competitive format, where mobile users are also able to compete. So in total, we will see the competition in four categories: Playstation, Xbox, Steam, and Mobile.

eFootball Championship 2022: Format and Schedule

eFootball Championship Open

An online esports tournament open to all players on all platforms. Splitting of players is on the basis of their online skill level into one of three tiers: Expert, Intermediate, and Basic. This is to ensure a fun and challenging competitive experience for all participants. Just like the last season, the event is expected to be held in matchday mode.

Players at the Expert level will aim to pass through the online qualifiers, and then World Finals. The winners will receive a shoutout on social media from the club they have represented, and may also be considered to participate in future eFootball.Pro tournaments.

Like the previous season, joining the event is a simple procedure. Players just have to automatically join the tournament by playing the Challenge Events in the game. This makes the players play Round 1 starting from June, and then play the rest of the rounds; Round 2 and Round 3, will be played till August. Details of the rounds are given as follows:

Round 1

Period: 27/06/2022 02:00 UTC – 03/07/2022 23:59 UTC

eFootball Championship 2022 Open - Round 1
eFootball Championship 2022 Open – Round 1

Round 1 will be held on the same date and time for both console and mobile. Players can join the tournament by playing in specific Challenge Events that will be held for a limited period. In order to proceed to Round 2, players need to clear all the three challenges that are in Round 1, which are listed below. Round 2 will be held in the following week after Round 1 is done.

Rewards for completing each challenge are also distributed. Players can attempt the rounds as many times they want after failing. However, it should be noted that Microsoft (Windows) participants will only be able to play Round 1 of the tournament.

Challenge Events

  • Challenge 1: Score 1 goal (you have 5 matches to complete the challenge)
  • Challenge 2: Accumulate 3 points (you have 5 matches to complete the challenge)
  • Challenge 3: Accumulate 6 points (you have 5 matches to complete the challenge)

Round 2

Period: 08/07/2022 02:00 UTC – 11/07/2022 23:59 UTC

eFootball Championship 2022 Open - Round 2
eFootball Championship 2022 Open – Round 2

Round 2 will be held on the same date and time for both console and mobile. Everyone who clears Round 1 wins a berth to Round 2 and will have access to a special Challenge Event. This access is not possible if one user doesn’t clear Round 1. Just like in Round 1, there is no application process here, automatic qualification takes place. The latest 15 matches (matches you have played recently) that you play in the Challenge Event will count towards your ranking. The results of every participant will be tallied and displayed on the tournament’s Ranking Page.

Round 3

Period: 30/07/2022 – 31/07/2022

eFootball Championship 2022 Open - Round 3
eFootball Championship 2022 Open – Round 3

Round 3 will be a tournament format, where the participants will be matched online via a special Challenge Event, currently not announced by KONAMI. In order to play the final round, players must finish in the top 8 of your platform in their area. Areas include Europe & Africa/Americas/Asia & Oceania. The event timings may differ on the basis of regions.

World Finals

Period: 13/08/2022 – 14/08/2022

eFootball Championship 2022 Open - World Finals
eFootball Championship 2022 Open – World Finals

In the World Finals, the ones who have qualified will have to select their favorite/interested club out of those taking part in the eFootball Championship Pro, then create a team using only players that are affiliated to that club. To keep the competition fair, collective team strength cannot surpass 2,300 under any team playstyle deployed in the game. The World Finals timings may differ on the basis of regions.

eFootball Championship Pro

console-exclusive tournament in which professional PES esports players are pitted against each other. They play as representatives of real-world European football clubs.

The competitors are selected from among the ranks of the world’s most skilled eFootball PES players. Final participants are selected after they compete in a 1v1 football match to determine a winner. We will see 8 teams in the event:

Participating Teams
Participating Teams
  • FC Barcelona
  • Manchester United FC
  • FC Bayern München
  • Arsenal FC
  • AS Roma
  • Celtic FC
  • Galatasaray
  • AS Monaco

In addition, awards are given out to the players each matchday for things like Best Goal of the Day, Best Player of the Group Stage, and Season MVP. The clubs receive prize money according to their final ranking at the end of the tournament. The Event Roadmap is as follows:

  • Draw: June 4th
  • Group Stage: June 11th, 12th, 18th, and 19th.
  • Knockouts: June 25th and 26th.

Players will be grouped into two, Group A and Group B. Each will play a match against each other in the group while scoring a goal provides them a maximum of 2 points. Winners, i.e, the top 3 from each group will move towards the knockouts, which they will face in a best of three formats to decide the winner.

What do you think about the eFootball Championship 2022? Let us know in the comments!

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