Esports has been removed from the Commonwealth Games 2026 as a medal event

Organizers from Victoria shuts the section and sends back to Pavilion!

The Commonwealth games association has removed the section of esports as a medal sport from their 2026 event. It was the first time for the Commonwealth Games Federation and Global Esports Federation to come together under one roof and organize this big section.

The next event; Commonwealth Games 2026, is supposed to be held in Victoria, Australia which will not feature esports, the competitive gaming category, rather the officials came up with three new medal events. 

Esports will be replaced by other sporting events in the Commonwealth Games 2026

In the year 2022, the Commonwealth games introduced eSports as a medal event at their inaugural ceremony that was held in Birmingham, England. As per announcements, the authority organized the event and many countries came up with it to represent themselves via different games. It was mainly organized in collaboration between the Commonwealth Games Federation and Global eSports Federation. 

But later in 2022, it was reported that the organizers from Victoria are not willing to add competitive gaming in the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2026. The main reason behind this is doping. The organizers of Victoria also mentioned that it is very difficult to organize numerous games across the world which might even cause a hue and Crue.

The Federation introduced popular games such as Dota 2 and Rocket League in Malaysia and Wales respectively. Instead, the organizers introduced Inshore rowing, BMX, and Golf as their new medal events for CWG 2026.

CWG 2022 esports event failed to attract public viewership

In the Commonwealth Games 2022, it was allegedly witnessed that the response from the viewers was not up to the mark. Rocket League, Dota 2, and Efootball failed to receive attention compared to the hype they have in the world. This concerned the organizers from Victoria as well. 

CWG 2022
Image via Commonwealth Sport

From the side of BBC news, it was reported that a sportswoman from the Commonwealth Games 2026 committee passed them a few words that expresses their condolences towards an unsuccessful response on competitive gaming.

She also mentioned that the Commonwealth Games Federation and the Global esports Federation will continue working together and grow the sector more so that viewers like it much better the next time.

What are your thoughts on esports being removed as a medal sport from the Commonwealth games 2026? Let us know in the comments below!

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