Free Fire reportedly gets hit with new controversy over LBFF team selection process

LOUD being left out?

Garena and Free Fire has been involved in a number of controversies up to this point, but the most current controversy allegedly involving the company relates to the LBFF and the process by which it chooses its teams. Liga Brasileira de Free Fire 2023, commonly known as LBFF 2023, is set to begin on April 15 this year. Garena Brazil has made certain changes to the number of teams and format of the tournament, which has resulted in the creation of some new controversies.

Originally, the tournament was planned to include 24 teams; however, Garena Brazil has made some alterations and brought down the number of teams to 18.

Garena International was unaware of the changes brought to the format of LBFF 2023

LBFF 2023 was initially decided to start with 24 teams, agreed by both Garena’s International and Brazilian branches. The teams for this tournament were selected by Garena International based on the applications sent out by each organization. The company’s acceptance of the teams was based on a number of factors related to the organization’s structure and planning.

However, soon after the teams had been chosen, Garena Brazil announced that they would be reducing the number of teams competing in the tournament, bringing the total number of teams to 18. A great number of other organizations that were excluded were made upset by this decision. Several notable organizations, such as LOUD, Los Grandes, Team Liquid, and Flamengo, were not included in the list of organizations selected for LBFF 2023.

When contacted by the organizations that were left out, Garena International responded that they were not aware of the change in the number of participants for the tournament. Garena International is making an effort to exert pressure on the Brazilian division in the hopes of returning to the previous format for the LBFF 2023, despite the fact that the likelihood of this happening is quite unlikely.

It is not yet known if the tournament will continue with the current structure of 18 teams or revert to the previous format of 24 teams. On the other hand, it has been reported that Garena representatives are maintaining continuous touch with the teams in order to provide everyone with information about the situation. Once being contacted, Garena Brasil said that these were false claims and that none of the information provided was accurate.

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