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GodLike vs Luminosity drama goes on as ‘Vague’ continues to spread hate speech after CODM World Championship 2023 semi

The controversy started after Vague talked belittle about the Indian teams

Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) concluded its world championship for 2023 a few days ago. Wolves became the champion while India’s representative GodLike was the runner-up. However, controversial talk, hate speech, and bullying are not stopping as Luminosity Gaming‘s player Maiwand “Vague” Zai commented on the Indian CODM esports teams and started spreading hate speech against GodLike.

The player looked down on the teams from India and initiated his hate speech after his team lost against GodLike in the semifinals of Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) World Championship 2023.

You can send 2 good NA players to India & they’ll dominate, that’s how sh*t the Indian team is! ” said Vague on a stream.

Vague started throwing hate speech after losing against GodLike

Vague started spitting trash talk and hate towards Indian teams on a stream after his team lost against GodLike. Besides saying that NA players would easily dominate the Indian pro scene, the player also included Raphael “AyeoRaphGebremedhin, a player for Team Mayhem, and said that even if he (AyeoRaph) goes there (India), he’ll be the best player than India will ever receive. Also, Vague added that not only AyeoRaph become the best, rather he’ll also be the best team himself alone.

Vague continues to bully Indian teams on social media
Image via Vague

The drama didn’t end after the first phase of the speech battle. Rather, it continues till the date and it looks like Vague is the solo player carrying the drama. In the latest post on his Twitter handle, he mocked GodLike again and also mentioned that he has a few more memes planned in his head. It looks like the drama will continue for a few days.

A few support Vague’s speech while most of the followers are against this hate speech

What Vague has spoken, raised a storm in the esports scene of COD Mobile. Fans are overthrowing his speech and backing the Indian teams. But mostly, people are saying that these types of speech pollute a healthy esports environment and make it toxic for all.

I guess you should come to India and then we will see,” one of the fans said to Vague. Besides, fans did not like him including one of his regional players. “Not only disrespecting another region team but belittling and patronizing AyeoRaph who is a player from his own region,” another comment said.

While Vague continued his hate speech on Indian teams, GodLike also replied, that at least one of their players had to say something. Abhishek “AbhizDADA” Nagar, a GodLike player, said, “Thank you so much Vague. All the trash talk you did on stage motivated my team to defeat you!“.

GodLike defeated Luminosity Gaming in the COD Mobile World Championship 2023 semifinals

On the 17th of December 2023, Indian team GodLike defeated Luminosity Gaming by a 3-2 scoreline in the semifinals of Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) World Championship 2023. GodLike is at its peak of success this year and is getting a huge international limelight after becoming the runner-up in the global event. So far, this is the best that the team could achieve.

GodLike vs Luminosity in CODM World Championship 2023
Image via Activision

On the other hand, Luminosity Gaming is considered one of the best esports teams in COD Mobile. The team became the runner-up in the CODM World Championship 2022. However, Vague has a successful career in COD Mobile Esports. He played for Tribe Gaming in 2022 and won the World Championship.

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