Legends of Runeterra Worlds 2022: Format, Prize Pool, Schedule and more

Let's battle for a spot in the Legends of Runeterra World Championship 2022!

An official announcement came on Twitter with the kickoff for Legends of Runeterra Worlds 2022. The world’s top 64 players from America, Europe, and Asia and several other tournament participants who got placed in ranked tournaments will compete for $200,000 in prize money at the world championship finals.

From the Runeterra World Championship 2022, their ranking in Ranked & Seasonal Tournaments will count for qualifying for the current ranked season, A Curious Journey. There will be qualifiers and finals for the World Championship in September of 2022.

Legends of Runeterra Worlds 2022: Tournament Format

The World Championship is qualified for in three ways, based on Seasonal Tournaments or Ranked performances. A player will receive ranking points retroactively based on how their performances during the Monuments of Power season and the Cosmic Creation season. Legends of Runeterra’s official website will update its list of top players after each seasonal tournament:


  • Points will be awarded based on their overall ranking at the end of each season.
  • Only players with Master rank earn points.
  • Each shard will qualify 22 players for the World Championship qualifiers upon the cutoff date.
  • As per the scoring system, each player’s score is decided on their best ranking from 2 of the 5 seasons before the World Championship.

Seasonal Tournament finalists

  • In each of the five Seasonal Tournaments, the top four players will qualify for the World Championship.
  • If there are duplicates, the seats will go to the qualifiers based on Seasonal Tournament Points.

Seasonal Tournament Points

  • Each Seasonal Tournament awards points for performance.
  • Each winner will receive one point in the Open Rounds and Playoffs of the Seasonal Tournament.
  • All points participants earn through the Seasonal Tournaments will combine into one total, starting with Empires of the Ascended.

These qualification playoff rounds will last from 16th Feb 2022 to 25th May 2022. All regions where Legends of Runeterra has been officially released are eligible to participate in the Legends of Runeterra Worlds 2022.

Legends of Runeterra Worlds 2022: Prize Pool

In the World Championship finals, we will have the top 16 competitors to compete for a prize pool of $200,000. Next, the players will face off in a four-player round-robin group stage. To crown the first LoR World Champion, the two top finishers from each group proceed to the final round, which entails a single-elimination format.

Final Thoughts

We have covered all the important details on the Legends of Runeterra World Championship 2022 kickoff. But the dates for each region’s qualifiers & the final event, and other such information are yet to be disclosed.

It’s a matter of a few days with the legends of Runeterra World Championship 2022 full details on board for all the competitors. For now, let’s get ready to level up our skills and go for the Championship.

What are your thoughts on the Legends of Runeterra World Championship 2022? Drop your opinions in the comments!

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