Road To Valor Thug Invitational Season 6: Schedule, Prize Pool, and more

India's top 32 gamers will battle for supremacy!

The highly anticipated Thug Invitational Season 6, a prominent Road To Valor competition in the country, is poised to commence today. With an impressive prize pool of $246305, this renowned tournament, sponsored by Monster Energy and powered by UniPin India, will showcase the skills of 32 esteemed gaming streamers and content creators from India. From May 10-12, 2023 these top players will engage in thrilling battles, pitting their abilities against one another.

Road To Valor Thug Invitational Season 6: Participating teams and prize pool

The Thug Invitational, led by Animesh Agarwal, widely recognized as 8Bit Thug, is a prominent series of Esports tournaments that has gained significant attention within the Indian gaming industry. It showcases well-known teams participating in various titles throughout its history. The highly anticipated sixth edition of this prestigious competition will introduce the exhilarating MOBA game, Road To Valor: Empires.

The upcoming Thug Invitational Season 6 tournament has an exhilarating schedule that spans three days and showcases a captivating format. The event will witness the participation of prominent male and female gamers, including Scout, Mavi, KaashPlays, 8Bit Goldy, KrutikaPlays, 8Bit Beg4mercy, S8UL Regaltos, PayalGaming, 8Bit Mafia, and several others. The tournament commences with an intense best-of-seven round, followed by the Round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and grand finals, all contested in a best-of-11 format.

Road to valor thug invitational season 6 Mortal
Image via UniPin

The ultimate victor of this season’s tournament will receive a grand prize of $246305. Additionally, the second and third-place finishers will be rewarded with 1,00,000 and 50,000 gems, respectively. These gems hold significant value within the game and can be utilized by the players to access exclusive advantages.

Thug Invitational Season 6 is propelling the growth of the gaming industry in India

Since its launch in March of this year, Road To Valor has quickly gained popularity among the Indian gaming community, making it one of their favorite games. Its success has played a significant role in driving the growth of the gaming industry.

The inclusion of Road To Valor in Thug Invitational Season 6 is expected to have a substantial impact on the gaming ecosystem in the country, generating even more interest, engagement, and excitement among fans and enthusiasts.

Road to Valor Empires
Image via Krafton

Thug Invitational Season 6 is a clear indication of the rapid rise of large-scale Esports tournaments in India, with its substantial prize pool and the tremendous buzz it has created within the gaming industry. The tournament’s thrilling action will be broadcasted live on 8Bit Thug’s Glance Gaming and Youtube channels.

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