Netflix announces 5 new titles coming in May 2024

Exciting new games arriving in May!

In May 2024, five fresh games are debuting solely on mobile for Netflix subscribers. These include SEGA’s Sonic Mania Plus, currently available, Jonathan Blow‘s renowned platformer Braid, Anniversary Edition (featuring an exclusive level for Netflix members), Newfangled’s Paper Trail, and Akiisoft and Devolver Digital’s Katana Zero. Moreover, Netflix Stories is expanding its collection of interactive narrative games inspired by the popular Netflix series Netflix Stories: Virgin River. Accessible without ads or in-app purchases, Netflix Games are a part of every Netflix subscription.

Netflix unveils 5 new titles to be released in May 2024

1. Sonic Mania Plus

Release Date: May 7

In Sonic Mania Plus, players can dash, leap, and gather golden rings with Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles in a high-speed tribute crafted by and for enthusiasts of the cherished franchise. This revamped retro platformer serves as the ultimate homage to the world’s quickest blue hedgehog, brimming with nostalgic nods and hidden surprises from previous Sonic titles. Tailored for both seasoned devotees and newcomers, the game offers a blend of ’90s nostalgia and exhilarating new boss encounters.

2. Braid, Anniversary Edition

Release Date: May 14

Braid, Anniversary Edition, launching on Netflix on May 14, 2024, invites players on a journey from a city dwelling through a sequence of interconnected realms where time operates peculiarly, all in pursuit of a mysterious princess.

Throughout the adventure, players delve into memories and regrets while navigating through 40 fresh levels, including one exclusive to Netflix subscribers. Enhanced with fully repainted high-definition graphics, new sound effects, and extensive audio commentary, this remastered version of the acclaimed platformer promises a captivating experience.

3. Paper Trail

Release Date: May 21

Paper Trail, debuting on May 21, presents a charming top-down puzzle escapade set in a world made of foldable paper. Players assume the role of Paige, an aspiring scholar embarking on her inaugural journey away from home. As Paige, players unravel secrets, traverse new territories, encounter characters with compelling narratives, and tackle puzzles by manipulating the environment through folding and merging.

4. Netflix Stories: Virgin River

Release Date: May 29

The Netflix original story, Virgin River, premiering on May 29, offers an escape to the serenity and allure of Virgin River, where unexpected romance and camaraderie flourish. For those feeling trapped in unfulfilling jobs or nursing heartbreak, a journey to Virgin River sparks a transformative adventure. Players interact with beloved characters and make decisions that unravel the missing pieces in their lives: a sense of community, purpose, and ultimately, true love.

5. Katana Zero

Release Date: May TBD

Katana Zero, slated for release on Netflix in May (exact date to be determined), captivates players with its 16-bit visuals and retro charm. Players navigate through a stylish pixelated neo-noir platformer as a samurai assassin, engaging in intense combat and evading lethal obstacles.

With the freedom to wield a sword or improvise with whatever is at hand, players shape the narrative through their choices and inconsequential conversations between levels.

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