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BGMI: How S8UL, one of India’s leading esports organizations, is nearing a breakdown

The real story behind the leadership change of S8UL

S8UL, a merger between India’s two of the best PUBG Mobile or BGMI esports teams is having a tough time both on and off the gaming arena. It all started with the disbanding of the team SouL’s Battlegrounds Mobile India roster and now things are not going well in the S8UL as they are nearing a certain breakdown.

About S8UL

S8UL was formed by former PUBG Mobile esports player Animesh Agarwal aka 8bit Thug, he shares S8UL ownership with Naman Mathur aka Soul Mortal, and Lokesh Jain aka 8bit Goldy. More than 10 popular content creators work with S8UL right now. They have a huge Bootcamp in Mumbai for esports athletes.


The Battlegrounds Mobile India roster of team SouL is powered by S8UL. S8UL is currently India’s most successful PUBG Mobile team with three national-level championships. Two of those were won by SouL and 8bit won the PUBG Mobile India tour. Many famous content creators like Scout, Mavi, Mamba, and Regaltos work with S8UL.

The problem behind the S8UL breakdown

Team Soul announced their Battlegrounds Mobile India roster in July, a star-studded lineup of Scout, Mavi, Mortal, Regaltos, and Viper. Recently co-owner and leader of team Soul, Naman Mathur aka Soul Mortal announced on his YouTube Livestream that Soul is going to disband their lineup due to a lack of in-game synergy between teammates. Scout and Mavi will leave Soul and Regaltos, Viper, and Mortal will continue with the team.

This news sparked the flame of controversy, later which was fueled by one of S8UL’s co-owners Lokesh Jain aka 8bit Goldy. In his recent YouTube livestream, he stated that ‘he will not continue as the co-owner of S8UL and he will not take any decision or will not give any command to others. He will continue till the 30th of October and from 1st November he will just work with the admin panel. Mortal and Thug will lead S8UL entirely from November.’

However, he will remain the co-owner of 8bit Creatives, which is a talent management company led by 8bit Thug and Goldy. He also gave some clarifications about the disbandment of Soul’s BGMI lineup. He said that ‘he never knew about the disband, he was in Jaipur when he heard the news‘. He also defended Mavi and Scout from unnecessary hate after leaving the team. He said it was a mutual decision taken for the betterment of the team and the players. He also indirectly accused the fans of the disbanding of the team since players were not performing as expected and fans were losing patience.

He also criticized two players of SouL without mentioning their names. He said that one of them was sitting at home due to personal reasons, he had many problems with the team and was not interested enough to play with the team regularly. About the other player, Goldy said that the player used to wake up at 2 PM, and always kept his mic off during plays.

He also said that Mavi and Scout are both talented and good players and are not going to ruin their careers so it was a fair and wise decision of them to leave the team. He said that ‘Mavi and Scout are going to team Xspark and will form their new lineup with GiLL and Ultron‘, though it is an assumption of him.

What Now

Lokesh Jain aka 8bit Goldy is a father figure of S8UL. He was also an investor in the organization. He used to make all the major decisions. Stepping down from the chair will surely put the whole S8UL in a struggling situation. However, he said that he will stay with S8UL all the time and will take care of everyone when it is necessary. This will surely give some relief to the fans.

What are your thoughts about S8UL Breakdown and its future? Let us know in the comments below.

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