Team SMG and Team Lilgun qualify for the Mobile Legends M5 World Championship 2023

In an exciting series of events, Team SMG from Malaysia and Team Lilgun from Mongolia are poised to compete in the upcoming Mobile Legends M5 World Championship 2023! Both teams emerged triumphant in their respective crossover matches during the M5 Wild Card, clinching the last two coveted slots for the Mobile Legends M5 event set to take place in the Philippines next month.

This historic achievement marks the inaugural qualification of a team through the Wild Card tournament, adding an extra layer of significance to their journey. Furthermore, Team Lilgun’s participation in the M5 World Championship holds special significance as it marks the first time Mongolia will be represented in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s premier tournament. The stage is set for an exciting chapter in the M-series, bringing together diverse talents from different corners of the gaming world.

Team SMG, Team Lilgun secure M5 slots after dominant M5 Wild Card performance

In the group stage, both teams asserted their dominance, concluding with an impeccable 3-0 record in their respective groups. The clash between Group A’s top seed, Team SMG, and Group B’s second seed, Imperio E-Sport, unfolded in the first crossover match.

Team SMG exhibited control in the initial two games, propelled by Aeliff “Smooth” Ariff‘s remarkable 5/0/5 KDA on X.Borg in the first game and Kenneth “Saxa” Fedelin‘s lethal Heavy Spin maneuvers on Akai in the second game. Despite Imperio’s resilient efforts, the series extended to a fourth game as Marco “Markinho” Colque‘s Dyrroth secured a Maniac, clinching the third game and prolonging the intense showdown.

Nonetheless, Team SMG showcased their supremacy in the fourth game, reaching a crescendo with a flawless Lord dance at the 13-minute mark. By securing the Lord buff and dispatching three members of Imperio, Team SMG confidently advanced down the middle lane, sealing their decisive victory.

Meanwhile, the second crossover match between Group B’s top seed, Team Lilgun, and Group A’s second seed, Niightmare Esports, unfolded with a more pronounced one-sided narrative. Team Lilgun effortlessly clinched the first two games, although Niightmare Esports displayed resilience in the third, stretching it beyond the 25-minute mark.

Team SMG Team Lilgun Mobile Legends M5 World Championship 2023
Image via MOONTON Games

In a pivotal moment, Team Lilgun emerged triumphant in the Lord dance at the 27-minute mark, leaving Niightmare Esports scrambling to defend their base. Exploiting the disarray of their opponents, Team Lilgun systematically picked off members of Niightmare one by one until none remained.

Seizing the opportune moment with all five members of Niightmare eliminated, the Mongolian squad tactically bided their time, patiently waiting for the Lord to arrive in the base. Once the moment arrived, they swiftly demolished the Lord, cementing their resounding 3-0 victory. This commanding performance earns Team Lilgun a spot among the 14 other qualified teams, propelling them into the M5 World Championship group stage set to commence on December 2nd, 2023.

Are you excited about Team SMG and Team Lilgun qualifying for the Mobile Legends M5 World Championship 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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