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TECNO and JetSynthesys Skyesports launches Call of Duty Mobile India POVA Cup

An excellent platform for top mobile gamers to compete and hone their skills!

The Call of Duty Mobile India POVA Cup, an exciting year-long mobile gaming esports tournament, will be hosted by TECNO Mobile, a prominent worldwide premium smartphone brand, in partnership with JetSynthesys Skyesports, the premier esports tournament organizer in South Asia. In 2023, the two organizations will work together to host thrilling Call of Duty: Mobile events.

Top esports teams across India will feature in the Call of Duty Mobile India POVA Cup

Some of the top teams from across the nation will square off in a heated Call of Duty matchup during Season 1 of the competition. The TECNO POVA smartphones will be taking advantage of Skyesports’ grassroots reach and the intricate esports events during this gaming festival to forge a stunning connection with the zealous millennials who play mobile games.

Eight of the top teams from across India have received a direct invite for the first season as they
compete for the ultimate prize and the title of champion. These are as follows:

  • GodLike Esports
  • Revenant Esports
  • Anthem
  • Team XO
  • Nirvana Esports
  • Team Rebirth
  • 5 and a half men
  • Team I2K Elite

The tournament will unfold over five weeks of intense action, kicking off with a round-robin stage where each team will face off against each other once. Fans will be treated to an exciting total of 28 matches. The top four teams from here will advance to the playoffs, where they will battle it out in a double elimination bracket to secure a spot in the grand finale. The final showdown will be a nail-biting experience as the top two teams face off in the ultimate battle to claim victory and the title of champions in the CoD Mobile Pova Cup Season 1.

To reach gamers from every corner of the nation, the tournament’s matches will be live-streamed on Skyesports’ official social media platforms. The streaming will be done in four different languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

In the current year, India observed more than 50 crore residents taking up gaming, which also represents a significant 12% growth from last year. The gaming industry in India had a staggering $2.6 billion increase, and it is predicted to rise another 27% to $8.6 billion. TECNO improved its POVA line of smartphones after noticing that consumers were shifting to mobile gaming, and by including feature-rich gaming devices in the same, it helped to spark the revolution.

The POVA product line urges millennials to “Stop At Nothing” and keep working hard by connecting with the trinity of speed, power, and performance. To build a community of mobile game enthusiasts and provide an immersive, performance-rich experience to ardent gamers on POVA devices, we launched the Call of Duty Mobile POVA Cup as an annual property in collaboration with Skyesports.

Arijeet Talapatra, CEO of TECNO Mobile India

COD Mobile India POVA Cup will be one of the largest esports tournaments in the country

One of the largest Call of Duty Mobile POVA Cup esports competitions for the mobile shooter in India is expected to take place. Both amateur and professional players will have the opportunity to compete in a year-long format across several seasons. At the end of 2023, a thrilling Grand Final will conclude these seasons.

Call of Duty Mobile India POVA Cup
Image via TECNO Mobile

Shiva Nandy, the founder, and CEO of JetSynthesys’ Skyesports, commented on the recent cooperation, saying, “We are really happy to work with TECNO POVA and to carry out the Call of Duty Mobile POVA Cup. More than 396 million people in India play video games. They do so for 14 hours a week on average. As a result, through such a relationship, TECNO POVA will be able to directly promote its smartphones to a young, tech-savvy audience all year long. The competition will also improve the game’s esports ecosystem from a grassroots perspective. It will provide ongoing activity for both game players and viewers.”

The tournament is an opportunity for gamers to showcase their talents and strength

“I see this relationship as an occasion to display the expansion, reach, and strength of our gaming sector,” continued Anuj Tandon, CEO of Gaming, JetSynthesys. He stated, “Call of Duty is the ideal game for this collaboration. It’s a fast-paced, exhilarating game to play and watch. All players and fans will have a wonderful experience thanks to the efforts of Tecno and Skyesports. Can’t wait for the gamers and fans to show up and enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience”.

A first-person shooter video game series called Call of Duty is released by Activision. The popular game series’ mobile adaptation was released in 2019. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most popular multiplayer shooter games in India and globally.

Call of Duty Mobile game cover, COD Mobile Game cover, Call of Duty Mobile: Champs'22 teaser, COD Mobile Messi Neymar
Image via Activision

In FY 2022, India overtook China as the country with the most mobile game downloads. India’s market is currently approximately 2.5 times larger than China and nearly 3 times larger than the US. The overall number of game downloads has increased from 6.5 billion to 15 billion since 2020. Additionally, 17% of all game downloads worldwide in 2022 were made in India.

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