Skyesports is acquired by Jetsynthesys to form Jet Skyesports Gaming Pvt. Ltd.

A great step forward for Jetsynthesys!

Digital entertainment and technology company with a stronghold in gaming and esports, JetSynthesys has acquired Chennai-based Skyesports to form a new company. Skyesports is one of India’s largest esports organizations with a grassroots play. The new company, named Jet Skyesports Gaming Pvt. Ltd., has been created with a vision to build esports at the grassroots level in India ahead of the Asian Games 2022.

They will include esports as a medal event for the first time in the history of all such tournaments. This acquisition will further strengthen Skyesports’ pan-India accretion and also set the stage for its expansion from India to South Asia. As now Jetsynthesys has acquired Skyesports, this will further help the brand create more IPs and strengthen its team in the future.

Both Jetsynthesys and Skyesports have gone through a great run till date

In the last year, Skyesports has created much hype in the esports market with various tournament IPs such as Skyesports League, Skyesports Grand Slam, Skyesports Gaming Series 7, and more. Jetsynthesys, on the other hand, is known for developing cutting-edge and popular mobile games with great accuracy and network play. Moreover, this is JetSynthesys’ second major investment in the esports industry.

Besides being the co-founder of Nodwin Gaming, Jetsynthesys has also acquired Nautilus Mobile and therefore Real Cricket in the past. Also, JetSynthesys along with Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is the no.1 skill-based cricket gaming franchise in the world with 120 million+ downloads and 1.2 crore+ monthly active users. It is also recognized for its global publishing partnerships with the likes of WWE, Square Enix, Bollywood star Salman Khan, Hollywood film Passengers, and Floyd Mayweather. Also, the iconic Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has recently made a capital investment of 2 million dollars in JetSynthesys.

Sachin Tendulkar and JetSynthesys investment, Jetsynthesys acquired Skyesports
Sachin Tendulkar and JetSynthesys partnership

Skyesports, on the other hand, has developed significantly from its core in South India to expand its base within the country. It has the most number of tournament IPs in India with a combined total viewership of over 100 million. And this vast viewership spans across all platforms (Facebook, YouTube, and Loco). The company introduced the Skyesports League this year which featured the first league format in Indian esports history. Also, it became the most-watched Valorant tournament in the country to date. It gathered total viewership of over 10 million, becoming the first esports event in India for a PC game to achieve such a feat.

We are happy to have Shiva and his team as part of the JetSynthesys family. Next year is a year of reckoning for esports globally as it becomes a medal event at the Asian Games, the first in the history of any such prestigious global tournament. Indian gaming has immense potential, and the talent which resides in the non-metros often goes unnoticed.

Rajan Navani, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, JetSynthesys

Speaking about this acquisition, he further said, “Our vision, therefore, is to build esports at the grassroot level and empower individuals who have a passion for gaming make a career of it. Through Jet Skyesports, we will grow the esports ecosystem to cover the deepest parts of India, to make it more mainstream, and to also mould international-level talent from here to represent the country at global events as powerful contenders.”

Jetsynthesys acquired Skyesports
Rajan Navani, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, JetSynthesys and Shiva Nandy, CEO and founder of Skyesports

On the other hand, Shiva Nandy, the CEO and founder of Skyesports speaking about this acquisition said “This is a well-timed partnership and we are very happy that JetSynthesys and Skyesports’ vision are on the same track. The esports and gaming market is growing at a rapid pace in the country and the investment comes as a strategic move and at the right time to explore bigger opportunities,”.

We will work together to create many IPs for the gaming and esports enthusiasts in the country. Our core focus will still be on the grassroots level and on regional content and we will expand exponentially

Gnana Shekar, CMO, Skyesports

JetSynthesys strives to create and connect digital ecosystems globally

With a concerted focus across gaming, digital entertainment, JetSynthesys has, in a short span of time since its launch, seen exponential growth and been the usherer of many category firsts. The brand is known for its deep tech stacks in new technologies like AI, Blockchain, AR/VR/MR, and quantum computing. Apart from gaming and digital entertainment, JetSynthesys is known for its strong play in the social community arena.

It is home to 100MB, the first-of-its-kind digital destination for all things cricket,, India’s leading meditation and mindfulness app, AnyDay Money, a well-known fintech platform for advance salary formed in association with Adar Poonawalla, JobDost, a platform providing access to grey & blue-collar jobs in multiple cities across India, and SonicJobs, UK’s no.1 hiring portal for blue-collared jobs.

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