Wild Rift is gearing up the Esports operations with new job openings

For those of you who have read our site and followed through our coverage of Riot announcement regarding its games for 2021, you may already know what is going on. If you have dropped in a parachute, don’t worry, we’ll fill you in. Wild Rift, the mobile game from Riot that ports League of Legends to phones and tablets, is expected to release the game globally very soon. With that, they plan to do as they have done with their other games and start a Competitive Scene. LOL Wild Rift is gearing up already for Esports operations as they are looking for their first-ever Esports strategy manager globally. With mobile Esports being very much on the rise recently, this came as a very natural step going forward for Wild RIft.

In the post, they explain what the role requires and its objectives. Some of them are developing a competitive system, collaborate with competitive events and staff and work a stable monetization. Build a business model, work with feedbacks and the responsibility of being a trusted advisor are also highlighted.

For the ones interested in this job, you may apply on this post at Riot website, by clicking the Apply button on the end of their article. Who knows, maybe you are the next one to appear at staff videos from Riot?

Wild Rift is expected to follow League’s steps, and eventually become one of the biggest competitive events among its similars. With LOR Wild RIft being hugely popular among the MOBA fans all over the world, it won’t be too late before we start seeing the game’s own Esports tournaments.

Wild Rift has rolled out to Europe as the year began and is expected to be released at the 3 Americas by March. On our site, you can read more about current events and releases from the game, as well as learn more about the best champions to use and the current meta.

Are you excited as Wild Rift is gearing up for Esports already? Let us know in the comment section!

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