Wild Rift League China 2022: Format, Teams, Prize Pool and more

The champions will get a ticket to the Icons Global Championship!

The League of Legends: Wild Rift League China will kick off on March 19th, 2022, and decide the teams that will represent the region in the Global Championship Icons– the first world championship for Wild Rift. The tournament’s first stage starts on March 19th and will continue till early April.

The Chinese mobile gaming ecosystem is again showing off its dominance with a prize pool for the tournament that is bigger than that of the LPL: the League of Legends championship in China. The Wild Rift China league features a prize pool of ¥5,000,000 or $784,000 compared to LPL, which was ¥4.2 million.

This showcases the mobile gaming industry’s dominance in the Chinese market; China attracts most mobile gaming profits globally. In 2021, China earned US$ 31.8 billion in 2021, representing 34.12% of the total obtained by the sector in this period. This indicates that the mobile gaming market already earns more than PCs and consoles combined.

Wild Rift League China 2022: Format and Participating Teams

The World Right League China 2022 will be an offline event in Shanghai WRL Stadium. The participating teams are Edward Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, J Team, JD Gaming, KeepBest Gaming, Nova Esports, Oh My God, OneChamp, Royal Never GiveUp, Team Weibo, ThunderTalk Gaming, and WHG Esports.

Stage 1

Starting from March 1, 12 teams who have qualified to this stage through various smaller tournaments will battle it out in a Single round-robin best of 3. The Top 6 teams will enter the challengers’ group, and the bottom six will join the breakout group. 

Stage 2

Challengers Group

Starting from April 3rd, the Challenger group team will battle it out in a single round-robin best of 3 formats. The top 4 teams will advance to the playoffs, and the bottom two teams will qualify for the seat decider round.

Breakout Group

Breakout Groups team will simultaneously play in single round-robin best of three formats. The top two teams will qualify for the seat decider round, with the bottom two teams from the Challenger group. 

Seat Decider

The top 2 teams from the Breakout Groups will compete against the bottom two teams of the Challenger Group to determine two playoffs spots, and the round will take place in a best of 5 formats. The Winners and the Runners of this stage will gain a spot in the playoffs. 

Stage 3: Playoffs

Starting from April 28th, the playoffs will be a single-elimination king of the hill format with Quarterfinals and Semifinals being played in a best of 3 match series system. Each match of the series will be played in a best of 7 formats, and the first team to win the first two matches will win the series. The teams losing at Quarter and Semifinals will enter the icon’s last chance qualifiers. 

Grand Finals

The Grand finals will be played in a single best of 7 matches.

Wild Rift League China 2022: Prize Pool

¥5,000,000 (USD 791,000) will be distributed among the winning teams, and more details will be announced later. Users can stay updated about all the news and information regarding the league by visiting the official Wild Rift esports website or by following the official social media handles.

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