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Wizzes With Vibes crowned the champions of PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia Season 4 2021

Huge win for the team!

The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia Season 4 2021 has finally concluded today as Wizzes With Vibes became the champions of the event. On their road to becoming the champion, the team picked up 85 kills and 102 position points, the same as the runner-up Deadeyes Guys. Both teams gathered a total of 187 points, but more placement points decided the trophy to go to Wizzes With Vibes’ cabinet. Moreover, the top six esports teams qualified for the PUBG Mobile MENA and SA Championship.

Prior to this, the top 16 teams from the league stage advanced to the grand finals based on their points. In the three-day finals, the teams played six matches per day, thus, makes a total of 18 matches. Moreover, DRS Gaming won the league stage.

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia Season 4 Finals: As it happened

The first day of the PMPL South Asia Season 4 Finals started with DRS Gaming winning a chicken dinner with 11 frags in their first match. Fans were all set to watch the replay of the league stage havoc caused by them, in the finals as well. But proving all equations wrong, Deadeyes Guys took the day away with 50 kills. They made a clear lead of 30 points from DRS.

One of the strongest teams in the event, ZEUS Esports had a horrible day at the office and they finished at the lowest position. They took only 8 points in 6 matches. Changing the coach before coming to the tournament brought a sudden downfall in their playstyle. Moreover, none of the teams could make more than one Chicken Dinner.

The next day went average for the top-placed teams but some big jumps were seen in the top eight positions. Where the first day ended with a Bangladeshi team A1 Esports taking the chicken dinner, the next day was opened by another team from the same country. FutureStation 1952 from Bangladesh took the first match with a whopping 16 kills. 

PMPL South Asia Season 4 2021 champion
PMPL South Asia Season 4 2021 points table

At the end of the day, Deadeyes Guys increased the gap by adding another 6 points to their tally. Thus, the team finished the day with 164 points in just 12 matches. Taking 32 kills alone, Shahil “OnTop” Verma from the team lead the kill leaderboard. Ruthless Aggressive Warriors climbed to the top four and ZEUS Esports had a decent day by coming up at tenth place.

Table topper Deadeyes Guys started the final day by being fourth in the first match which was taken by Trained To Kill. The next three matches went average for DE as they managed only 2 kills. VIBES Esports saved their breath and surprised everyone by taking 30 kills in the first four matches including a 15 kills chicken dinner. The team came up in the second position and was only 14 points behind Deadeyes Guys.

DRS Gaming climbed to the top three after taking a Chicken Dinner in the fifth match. The lead was then of 7 points between the top two teams before the final match. But proving all the equations wrong, Wizzes with Vibes took away the last match with 26 points and leveled their points with Deadeyes Guys. However, because of having more placement points, they were crowned the champion of this season of PMPL South Asia.

Prize pool

The whole event featured a total of $150,000 as of the prize money with $55,000 fixed for the grand finals. After the conclusion of the tournament, champion team Wizzes with Vibes won $10,000 followed by runners-up Deadeyes Guys and Vibes Esports winning $6,500 and $5,000 respectively.

Qualified team for PMGC 2021

DRS Gaming, the league stage winners, with 1302 points in total, made it to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2021. Hard luck for ZEUS Esports as they couldn’t make it though they started the event with a reasonable gap. The team failed to qualify for MENA & SA Championship as well. So, we are not going to see them in any major tournaments this year. Trained to Kill came second in the PMGC run, but failing to qualify for the next championship like ZEUS, we won’t see them as well.

Final Thoughts

The event ended at a time when PMGC 2021 had just been announced to featuring 40 teams. Although DRS Gaming has qualified, the hope is still alive for some teams to take the chance to qualify by playing the next championship. However, for this tournament, fans witnessed a final that exactly went like a final after all.

What are your views on Wizzes with Vibes being crowned as the champions of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia Season 4 2021? Let us know in the comment section below!

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