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Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG Beginners Guide and Tips

Welcome to the world of Abyss Legend!

Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG is a game in the MMORPG genre as the name implies which was developed by Selected-Game. This game is full of adventures in a fantasy world such as exploring dungeons, fighting epic bosses, dungeon challenges, and such. Apart from that, you need to collect gear, wings, mounts, and other resources so that your character gets stronger in terms of combat power. In this Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG Beginners Guide, we will do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Introducing the Basics of Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG


In this game, before you enter the fantasy world, you need to choose one of the four available classes. Choosing this class will determine your playing style in the game later because each class has its role and abilities.

Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG Class Tier List
Image via Selected-Game

First, there is a Swordsman who has high survival ability because it is balanced in terms of ATK and DEF. Second, there is a Stalker who has an attack with considerable damage but with thin blood. Third, there is the Gunslinger, a damage dealer in terms of damage per second and attack range. Lastly, there is an Elementalist who has an attack with an area range.


When you have determined which class to choose, then you will use that class as a character. On this character, you can see the attributes or stats that you have such as HP, ATK, DEF, ACC, DOD, CRI, and RES. Then to increase these attributes, you can use the gear in each slot.

Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG Beginners Guide
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To easily understand this gear, we can conclude that the gear on the left to the bottom is for defense attributes such as HP, DEF, DOD, and RES. So for the gear from the right to the bottom for attack attributes such as ATK, ACC, and CRI.

But sometimes if there is a gear with a high grade, it can be in a hybrid. Then there are also skills which are divided into three, there are Skills, Talents, and Secretions. If you have a title or fashion like Ex-Weapon, footprint, or aura, then it can be used as an additional power for you.


Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG Beginners Guide
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To gain EXP to increase the level of your character, it is necessary to complete various Tasks. There are many tasks available in this game such as Main Task which is the storyline of this game, Talent Task, Daily Task which is usually asked to destroy monsters, there is Escort Task which usually talks with NPCs, and Guild Task if you have joined a guild. , and there is a Side Task. Besides getting EXP, you will also get various rewards such as chests, gold coins, and other items.

Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG Guide to help you newbies kickstart your journey.

1. Increase your Combat Power

CP or Combat Power is the most important thing in an RPG game. It indicates how strong your character is in terms of fighting. There are things you can do to increase CP in this Abyss Legend, the first is by using gear. Gear is something that affects your CP, especially if you use gear with a high grade. Go to the bag to use the gear and ensure to use the gear with the green arrow icon.

Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG Beginners Guide
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The Gear is the strongest of the gear types. Then if you have, you can enhance to strengthen the gear again. You can go to forge and select enhance, there you only need gold coins as payment. The maximum level of this gear will adjust your character level. Apart from enhancing, you can also refine it but it requires refining stones and also Spirit Gathering using the Blue Crystal and its gear.

level up
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Second, you can upgrade the level of your character’s skills. Here there are 3 types of skills, the first is the skill itself, which is Arcane and Ultimate. But for beginners, usually only on Skill. Then there is a Talent that is useful for giving certain effects to your character. To unlock it you need to complete a certain level in the Talent Trial.

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Third, you can use several useful Runes to add attributes. However, you need to complete a certain level to unlock the rune slot through the Hall of Warriors in the Trial. Even so, the increase given by this rune is very significant, especially for one type of attribute.

Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG Beginners Guide
Image via Selected-Game

The fourth is to use your Wings and Rides and don’t forget to upgrade. For these Wings, if you want to evolve to the next stage, you need Wings Soul as a material. This can be obtained through The Nest, which is in Materials in dungeons. For Rides, you need the Book of Mount Advancement as a material and it can also be obtained from materials in dungeons but in the Cave section.

2. Take advantage of Dungeon features

Dungeon Features
Image via Selected-Game

This dungeon is important in terms of getting some items or materials that you might need. In this Dungeon there are four types that you can explore, first, there is Gear whose rewards contain gears with a fairly high grade, then Refine where the rewards are in the form of Refine Stones which are used as Refine on gear, then Spirit whose rewards are in the form of Blue Crystals which can be used on Spirits. Gathering on gear, then there are Materials whose rewards are Gold, Wing Soul, Rides Book, and Pearl Dust.

3. Always check your Bag

This bag is a kind of inventory in the Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG game which contains the materials and gear that you have. Why do you need to check this bag? Because sometimes there are materials that are overlooked for use such as Diamond Cards, Stardust Med, Gold Cards, and the like which are useful for increasing resources if you use them.

Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG Beginners Guide
Image via Selected-Game

Apart from being used as storage, this Bag also functions as a Craft tool such as enhancing upgrades, fairy props, functional growth, and the like. However, it requires certain materials to be able to craft, and how to see it, you can select which item you want to craft, then the required material will appear.

4. Auto-fighting and Morph features

This auto-fighting feature is very useful because you don’t need to do anything, so the character will fight by itself. But you can deactivate this if you feel it’s not necessary, such as fighting a strong boss because by activating this feature, you will immediately face to face and just stay in place.

Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG Beginners Guide
Image via Selected-Game

Especially in using Morph or Transformation, you can use it if you feel pressured and need additional power. To be able to fill this morph bar, you can do a basic attack on the enemy and the bar will automatically be filled.

Final Thoughts

Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG is a P2E-based MMORPG game because you can exchange some Abycos with some kind of blockchain. To be able to open this feature you need to reach level 160 first.

Did you find this Abyss Legend – Crypto MMORPG Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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