Ace Racer Guide: Tips to farm Resources in the game easily

Here's our complete guide on Farming Resources!

Ace Racer is a racing game developed by NetEase Games. There are several cars available from several manufacturers. Apart from that, Ace Racer is different from other racing games, where you can play as a team to win races. There are various features in this game, such as varied Tracks or Maps, different modes, and Cars that have Ultimate and their respective roles. This makes you feel like you want to keep playing and trying everything, especially when it comes to all kinds of cars. The Car here is very important to win, therefore you need to upgrade it and it requires some resources. In this guide, we summarize the guide for Farming Resources in Ace Racer.

How to farm Resources in Ace Racer

There are various resources owned by Ace Racer such as Gift Cards that are useful for buying Speedfest Supply Chests, Gold to pay for vehicle modifications or upgrades, Tokens for exchanging gold coins, gift cards, or buying other items, there are also parts and the like. Here are some ways you can follow for Farming Resources.

1. Rookie Program

This Rookie program is an event that you can participate in when you just start playing the Ace Racer game. There are two types available, the first is 7-Day Supply, where you need to log in consecutively for 7 days to get some rewards.

Ace Racer Farming Resources
Image via NetEase

Then the second one is quite interesting because there are lots of resources that you can collect, but you need to complete the mission to get the rewards. Don’t worry, the missions given by this developer are not difficult, such as completing practice, having some friends, managing your profile, and others.

2. Handbook

This handbook has different career goals for each car. Some career goals will require players to use the car to achieve a certain record time in both practice and ranked races. This goal will be gradually adjusted according to player strength and challenge history.

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When you complete these career goals or missions, you can get various rewards and resources, such as car parts, ECUs, Gift cards, and Golds. We recommend focusing on one car that you want to use first, if the goals you achieve are getting more difficult, then you change cars.

3. Racing in Various Modes

Ace Racer Farming Resources
Image via NetEase

In addition to completing missions or things like that, you can also race in various modes, because each of these modes usually provides different resources. Like carrier mode which gives golds when completed stage and some materials from certain total stars. Then there is the License Exam that gives Gift Cards and others. Check the Ace Racer best cars tier list to find the most suitable cars.

4. Claiming Emails

Farming Resources
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Don’t forget to always open your email, because usually developers give you rewards that you can claim, especially if you are playing during the CBT (Closed Beta Test), as you will receive lots of emails containing resources.

5. In-Game Events

Like other online games, Ace Racer has many events that you can participate in such as Genki Monday, Journey in Pink, Questionnaire, Grand Opening, Store Rebate, Catalyst Rebate, Supercar Rewards, Pro Race Challenge, and Driver Interaction. Of the many events, we recommend only a few such as the Pro Racer Challenge where you are required to increase your proficiency level only.

Ace Racer Farming Resources
Image via NetEase

Besides that, there is Journey in Pink where you only need to log in to get the keys, you can draw the keys to get some rewards, and if you are lucky you can even get a permanent wrap. The last one is the Grand Opening, if in your event there is still a Grand Opening, it is an event that you must participate in, because it provides a lot of materials such as Gift Cards, Gold, and Universal Parts.

Final Thoughts

Ace Racer is a racing game that requires a fast car from the upgrade, therefore you need to have the materials and resources to be able to upgrade the car so that it always wins in every race.

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