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Adorable Home Guide: Tips to prepare a Bento Box in the game

Prepare Bento Boxes and earn more Love in the game!

The cutesy, calming game that is taking over the market recently, is Adorable Home. It is developed by HyperBeard, who have developed other such games like this. It is an RPG involving a family of us, our partner, and our cats. A major part of the game is receiving Love from our partners and cats. To receive this love, we have to prepare a Bento Box for them. Let’s see what this is in Adorable Home, and how we can gain the maximum amount of love from the Bento Box.

Introducing the Bento Box

In real life, a Bento is the Japanese iteration of a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal, often for lunch. Outside Japan, it is common in other East and Southeast Asian culinary styles, especially within Chinese, Korean, and Singaporean cuisines, and more, as rice is a common staple food in the region. In Adorable Home, it is a lunchbox, with three courses of food, packed neatly for our partner to enjoy at work. This box contains three dishes:

  • Main Course: This is the highlight of the Bento Box. It is the best dish in the box, and hence it is the most important one. If this dish isn’t packed properly, it will affect the love we receive from our partners when they come home.
  • Side Dish: This is the accompaniment to the main dish. It is also neatly packed into the box and acts as a filler after the main dish is eaten.
  • Dessert/Sweet Dish: As the name suggests, this one is the sweet, after-lunch dish in the box. Besides the main course, the sweet dish should also be a good one, so that our partner is in a pleasant mood when they return.
Bento Box Adorable Home
Image via HyperBeard

These are all the contents inside the box. It is really simple to put together, but the real choices and difficulties come forward when we have to decide what dish to use for each course. Now let us see how to get all the materials we need to successfully put together the box.

How to get all the Items for Bento Box

As stated before, the Bento Box is very simple to put together and consists of only 3 parts: the Main dish, the side dish, and the sweet dish. Now, this is the part where we have to scratch our heads and mix-n-match, to see which combinations/dishes can help us get the most love from our partner.

Regardless of the dishes we choose for the box, we can find all of them in the Shop in-game. Every single main course, side dish, and sweet dish that is available in the shop can be used in the box. So, we now have the Herculean task of figuring out the combinations.

Best Combinations for the Bento Box in Adorable Home

Through repeated playthroughs, most players will find out the following combinations that mesh well together:

  • Sushi rolls + Sour and Spicy Shrimp + Strawberry Pie.
  • Chicken Hamburger + Shrimp Tacos + Strawberry Pudding.
  • Wellington Beef + Roasted Vegetables + Strawberry Cream Cake
Bento Box combinations Adorable Home
Image via HyperBeard

The above-listed combos are just to name a few. Though, if you pack all of these in the same type of Bento Box, your partner won’t give you as much love as you expect from them after packing such great dishes. One reason for this can be the color of the box. Yes! Sometimes, good food looks great on a great plate. So, if you pack all of these awesome dishes for your partner and they don’t give you as much love as they used to, then try changing up the appearance of the Box. Try the different colors and textures available, and mix-n-match to your heart’s content!

Final Thoughts

After our Bento Box preparations are complete, we have to relax and wait for our partner to leave for work the next day. When they return home, we will know if our efforts have been successful, or if we failed to put together the best Bento Box we could. That’s pretty much it. It is a very small but very important part of the game, so make sure you devote your attention to figuring out new combinations that suit your partner the best!

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