Against War Card Tier List for May 2023

Choose only from the best cards!

Against War is an amazing war-based card game where players need to fight against their opponents and destroy the castle and the castle wall to claim victory. Players often get confused due to the presence of so many cards and do not know which one to keep up in their deck and which one to not. Thus, here is a detailed card tier list for the players and the best class cards as well that will help out players to come up with the best cards in their deck in Against War. 

Against War Card Tier List for May 2023

The cards are categorized into several tiers, the following table shows all the cards in Against War and their tier in detail:

TierTankMeleeRangeSiege Weapon
Strong (S)1st Company Longswordsmen1st Squad Cavalry
1st Squad Arbalets1st Squad Catapult
Good (A)1st Platoon Sentinels1st Platoon Man-at-Arms,
1st Company Man-at-Arms
1st Platoon Archers1st Squad Battering ram
Average (B)1st Platoon Longswordsmen,
1st Company Longswordsmen
1st Platoon Pikemen,
2nd Platoon Pikemen

Remember that this all is based upon the costing of the cards as the only type of card present over the game is Normal. It is requested for the players to wait until the global release comes a long way so that the whole of the cards can be witnessed and a proper tier list can be made.

Best Meta Cards for Against War in May 2023

Tank Cards – 1st Platoon Sentinels 

Tank class characters are the characters who are meant to fight at the frontline because of their ability of heavy damage dealing and also come up with heavy attacks on their opponents. Up here, Tanks are the most needful cards because players need to counter the fast incoming attacks from their opponents’ side and thus Tanks come into play at this time. 

Against War Tier List
Image via Asobimo

1st Platoon Sentinels is the Tank card players can witness for now in the game and the card has quite impressive stats as being a Tank class card. The card has amazing ATK and HP and obviously, that’s what the specialty of a Tank class member is, and this card has successfully carried its dignity.  

Melee Cards – 1st Squad Cavalry

Melee class characters are the characters that come up with a weapon and jump over the battleground to support the Tank class members. Melee members have an immense ability to deal with damage and counter that damage as well. These characters are no less than Tanks and come up with immense physical attributes. 

Against War Tier List
Image via Asobimo

1st Squad Cavalry is the best Melee class card players can find among all the provided melee cards in the game. This card has a great ATK and HP compared to the best Tank card. This is also because this squad consists of more members than the Tank troop. The Horses on which these squad members run towards their opponents also have a great HP and this helps the players to use this troop and survive for a longer time in the field. 

Range Cards – 1st Squad Arbalests

Range class members are the main sole archers of the army. They come up with their strongest bows and thus aim with perfection toward the guards and commanders of their opponents. These class members lack health points and physical attributes a lot and thus due to this they are best placed at a distance from their enemies. This leads to it being difficult for the opponents to spot them and thus the players find it easy to take the opponents down. 

Image via Asobimo

1st Squad Arbalests is the best-found Range card among the cards provided to the players for now. This troop carries a very strong weapon that has a great HP and it’s very difficult to destroy them. But the drawback is that the troop members themselves have a very low HP and thus if the opponent’s troop comes near them then these guys can be taken down easily. Thus, players must keep them at a safe distance and then use them. 

Siege Weapon Cards – 1st Squad Catapult

Siege Weapons are a type of ancient weapon used during wars. These weapons come with heavy damage and cover a large distance and then come in contact with their target, the weapons are very heavy themselves, and for handling them a unit of 3-4 people is required as they have so many elements to control at a time while attacking their opponent. 

Against War Tier List
Image via Asobimo

1st Squad Catapult is the only Siege Weapon troop present in the game for now. The Siege Weapon comes up with massive health points and destroying them is not at all a piece of cake. The unit members also have great HP as well because handling this weapon is not easy as well. The ATK stats of this weapon is just outstanding and if a player places this over their field, make sure that victory is not going anywhere from them. 

Final Thoughts

Against War is an outstanding card game that gives a great experience to the players with ancient tools and interesting strategies as well. Thus, here is the tier list of the cards that are present for now, and thus players can keep up with this tier list and make the best deck of cards with their help of them. Thus, jump into the field by matchmaking and show the world who the real ruler is! 

What are your thoughts on our Against War Tier List Guide? Let us know in the comment section below!

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