Ambition of Kings free redeem codes and how to use them (January 2024)

Spark up your ambition with latest codes!

Ambition of Kings is a strategy game developed and offered by ZephyrusGames. The game inhabits amazing PvE dungeons and PvP Union battles where you can strategize and compete with the top players worldwide. The game also gives you some initiatory rewards in exchange for free codes. These help you in terms of resources while you are beginning your ambition. Follow our post regarding Ambition of Kings free redeem codes and get details on the most recent codes and their advantages. 

If you are a beginner, make sure to check our Ambition of Kings beginners guide to know the basics of this game. You can also follow our hero tier list to know the top-tier heroes, and reroll guide if you’re not satisfied with the set of heroes you obtained.

Ambition of Kings free redeem codes and rewards

Below is the list of codes available for the players to redeem and obtain the earliest rewards. You must be aware that these codes have a limited redemption time. 

Ambition of Kings redeem codes - Main Kingdom
Image via ZephyrusGames
Free Redeem CodesRewards you can Redeem
HNY500x Ingot Bags, 1000 Hero EXP, 10x Enhancement Materials Selection Chest, 5x Advanced Recruitment Order.
merry500x Ingot Bags, 15x 1000 Hero EXP, 10x 60-min Speedup, 10x Enhancement Materials Selection Chest
VIP666666x Ingot Bag, 6x 15-min Speedup, 6x Common Recruitment Order
VIP888888x Ingot Bag, 8x Raid Pass, 8x Common Recruitment Order
AOK0013x Medium Recruitment Order, Gold Hammer for 1 day, 5x 15-min Speedup
AOK0025x 30-min Speedup, 1x Stamina 120, 5x Raid Pass

To successfully redeem the active codes, you must make sure to type them down exactly as they appear in the table above. As further codes reveal, we will keep updating this section from time to time.

How to redeem free codes in Ambition of Kings

To redeem the working codes in Ambition of Kings, follow these simple steps:

Ambition of Kings redeem codes - Redemption Centre
Image via ZephyrusGames
  • Start the game and enter the home screen of the game.
  • Click on the More option in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the Settings option available.
  • Open the Gift Code section in Settings.
  • Enter an active code as exactly mentioned in the table above.
  • Click on Confirm to redeem your rewards for the respective codes.

How to get free redeem codes in Ambition of Kings

The creators of Ambition of Kings, ZephyrusGames, would undoubtedly like to see more players of this strategy game. Giving users the option to redeem vouchers is one way to attract the gamer audience to their unique artsy development.

Among the many rewards you receive from these codes include Ingots, Chests, Hero XP, and many more. To stay up to date with fresh updates, look up their legitimate social accounts, which mainly span Facebook and Discord. You may always keep up with our platform for the latest codes on this and other games of your interest.

How often new Ambition of Kings codes are released

While the release dates of the new Ambition of Kings free redeem codes aren’t fixed, they are usually given out during significant events, occasions, or promotions. If the creators wish to develop their base usage, they would offer some complimentary items. Hopefully, the officials will let the players know about the new freebies along with their accessible rewards.

Expired Codes that do not work anymore

Since the game is a fresh addition to the mobile gaming industry, there aren’t any expired codes as of yet. We will make sure to update this space once the developers release some new sets of codes for their players.

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