Ambition of Kings Beginners Guide and Tips

Aim to build a mighty Union and become the ultimate ruler!

Ambition of Kings is a 3D-driven strategy game where you must protect your kingdom as well as conquer other lands. ZephyrusGames developed and released the game with creative visuals on par. The game has a variant collection of male warriors and heroines with a unique ability system. Your main task is to develop your kingdom by renovating and building progressive structures. Occasional battles are also a vital feature of your ambition. Thus, keep up with our Ambition of Kings Beginners Guide to comprehend the primary gameplay and significant features. Also, gain some must-tips on your way to this article.

Gameplay Overview

Ambition of Kings is a war strategy game that follows the fundamental storyline. The game promotes territorial development. Every chapter you progress to contains certain tasks necessary to proceed to the next one. The battles against the yellow turban rebels can be accessed wherever the battle symbol pops out throughout the territory. 

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Moving to the gameplay of Ambition of Kings, you ought to concentrate on finishing tasks. Reaching a higher level requires completing a specified amount of tasks. When talking about your city’s growth, each player has a Headquarter surrounded by a city wall. You have to upgrade to contribute to the territory’s progress. Even now, the headquarters is thought to be the most significant edifice, with all other structures being subordinate to it.

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If we’re discussing battle strategies, you must formulate a team of heroes for combat against your enemies. Certain heroes are in charge of the army units they excel in and should be placed in the formation likewise. You can set the troop for battles after they are set.

As soon as the war begins, the armies of both sides—yours and the enemy’s—attack one another. The team with the greater overall strength will dispatch its rival first. The heroes’ abilities and movements don’t require manual control. They can be set on Skip to avoid extra work. 

Introducing the Basics of Ambition of Kings


The World is a feature that opens up doors for new progressive activities in Ambition of Kings. You can carry on expeditions against the yellow turban gang while locating basic necessary resources. These include the Rebels, Rebel Camp, Farmland, Sawmill, Quarry, and Iron.

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You can also view the location of important structures, your kingdom, kingdoms of alliance members, the alliance castle, etc. Rescuing victims of the outrage also happens to be a task outside the main kingdom. The Watch Tower monitors the quests currently happening in the intell events in the World. 


The heroes are shown in the Hero section, along with details on their primary traits and special powers. You will witness the section showing two types of skills namely Hero Skill and Legion Skill. The hero skill corresponds to the individual power while the legion skill is associated with their soldier unit.

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From the section itself, you can enhance the heroes you’ve unlocked. To enhance them, you will require a certain quantity of Hero XPs and Tactics Scrolls. This finally enables you to advance a certain hero’s abilities, and they guarantee you a resounding victory. 

Hero Stand

The Hero Stand enables you to recruit heroes. The section is divided into three major recruitments: Common, Medium, and Advanced. You must have sufficient Recruitment Orders for each type of recruitment in the section. You can summon once for free after fixed intervals.

Ambition of Kings Recruitment section
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The process usually offers heroes but also item rewards in between. The duplicate heroes’ cards get converted into their hero fragments. The fragments mostly help the heroes to Star-Up and eliminate the opponent


The Bag is the storage space of the game where you stock up on extra resource materials. The materials include Treasures such as Ingot Bag, Enhancement Materials, and Survival Chest. The section has resources including food, wood, stone, Lord XP, VIP XP, and Stamina.

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Other materials can also contain building, training, and general speed-ups. The miscellaneous items mainly comprise teleporters, Gear Enhances, Recruitment Orders, Raid Pass, etc


The Story section is a separate plot-driven concept apart from the mainline chapters in the game. The story unfolds in the form of chapters which in turn contain stages. The next part unlocks when all the stages of a chapter end.

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Now, you can continue with the original formation of heroes or set a different one. At each stage, you will be facing battles against the Legends. The section tracks your progress and you receive rewards accordingly for every stage you conquer. 


The Talent section is an interesting addition where you get to enhance the vital city development programs. The section begins with two skills: Lord Skills and Alliance Skills. The Alliance Skills are only available for R4/R5 members of the clan. The lord skills have three divisions – Economy Talent, Battle Talent, and Balance Talent.

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Each Talent has a separate function and takes donations to enhance that particular base in the kingdom.  For example, the Battle Talent will make advancements for buildings, food and wood output, research, stone output, etc. All the task is undone without Talent Points


In Ambition of Kings, the clan segment of the game is called Alliance. Joining a powerful coalition quickens your pace of advancement. It is up to you whether to form a new alliance or join an existing one. You can apply for an alliance or quick-join one depending upon the criteria the alliance leader announces.

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The info of the alliance members is visible below the basic details. You can gain incentives for helping our other members and can even seek help from them to reduce queue times. Participating in alliance wars apart from other clan operations is also an option.


The Task section holds all the missions and activities necessary for you to progress. The space has three parts namely Mainline Task, Daily Task, and Alliance Activity. The mainline tasks include the ones driven by the main storyline and kingdom development. The daily tasks refresh daily and give limited rewards.

Ambition of Kings Task section
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The alliance activity is the record of operations in your alliance. Every task has its advantages, and finishing a chapter mission advances you to the next level. You need the significant gifts you get for completing the tasks to proceed with other in-game activities.

Ambition of Kings Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Focus on the Chapter Tasks

The chapters follow a storyline in the game and each of them has a set of tasks to perform. As you go on completing a single task, you can claim the individual rewards for them as well. The completion of all the tasks in a chapter will grant you a clearance reward. The reward includes ingot bags, Stamina, speed-ups, star fragments, hero fragments, and many more. These clearance items help you in different development activities throughout your kingdom. 

2. Keep Leveling up the Heroes

The heroes of all classes are an integral part of the Ambition of Kings. They guide soldiers and ensure your victory over any opponent. In such a case, improving their skills can only benefit you in battles. You can upgrade them from the Hero section itself. The heroes require a certain amount of Hero XPs and Tactic Scrolls to level up. To Star them Up, you need the hero fragments of the hero you wish to enhance. The Star-Up feature increases the troop skills along with the basic attributes. 

3. Enhance Skills and Talents

Another addition to the game is enhancing your Lord or Alliance skills and talents. The Alliance skills are effective in the Alliance territory, Alliance Fort. Only the R4/R5 members are eligible to promote their alliance skills. Lord skills are available for everyone and cover separate departments of the kingdom. There are three sections – Economy, Battle, and Balance Talents. Every improvement or upgrade is done via the Talent Points. So, improve your talents to defeat your enemies more swiftly. 

4. Upgrade your Important Buildings

Buildings are an important part of the territory’s development, especially when they depend on each other for performance and upgradation. The most vital structure in this game is the Headquarters. The headquarters controls the functioning of other structures as it serves the main and highest priority unit. The level of other buildings cannot be greater than that of the headquarters. Other structures such as the City Wall, soldier camps, medicals, etc. have their specific benefits. 

5. Train all Soldier Units uniformly

In Ambition of Kings, there are a total of four soldier units – Pikeman, Cavalryman, and Archer. All the soldier units have separate training camps around the kingdom. We advise you to accept soldiers from all the once abandoned and captured lands. Thereafter, train them for enhanced strength and performance skills during combat. To train them, you need a certain quantity of food and wood. If you wish to train them quickly, you can always use ingots or Speed-ups. 

Final Thoughts

Ambition of Kings is an amazing strategy-based game that functions on the basic building and combat development system. The gameplay experience is enhanced by the 3D visuals and special effects incorporated into the game. Every story takes you to challenging battles involving strategic methods to take down your enemies. Therefore, seek help from our detailed Ambition of Kings Beginners Guide and Tips piece to safeguard your territory and make Lords of the world submit to you.

That’s all from us for the Ambition of Kings Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Ambition of Kings Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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