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Among Gods! RPG Adventure Beginners Guide and Tips

Lead your own squard to fight against Gods and Evils in the fantasy RPG adventure!

Among Gods! RPG Adventure is an RPG title available on both Android and iOS where it has a storyline followed by some heroes fighting against villains to gain justice for their people. The game has many characters who are ranked up in different classes and categories. So, let us dive into the world of Among Gods RPG Adventure with this beginners guide so that they can become the ultimate warrior from their first stroke.

Gameplay Overview

The storyline revolves around the Gods, warriors, and their people who are fighting against evil villains for justice. There is a campaign mode in the game where you have to follow the storyline with the heroes you have summoned. Every hero is then divided into different classes, SS, S, A, and B respectively.

Among Gods Gameplay-Overview
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd.

The SS class has the most powerful heroes in the game and descends up to B where the least powerful heroes are present. The players have to summon heroes and make an army of five heroes who will then fight against the evils. Players have to play and win against the troops and villains to gather Hero EXP Boost points. These Hero EXP Boost points help the players to upgrade their heroes in the game. The heroes upgrade up to a certain level as per their powers and abilities. They have special moves and Rage skills which get into play during war.

Campaign mode

The game has a camping mode where you can play through different stories. The campaign runs around six different chapters for now, namely:

  1. The Holy city of Aden
  2. Mashkule Castle
  3. The Pyrenean Valleys
  4. The Coast of Normandy
  5. Beyond the White Cliff
  6. Ulster Forest I
Among Gods campaign-mode Among Gods RPG Adventure Beginners Guide
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

For now, the game has this many storylines in the campaign mode that can be played by the players. Every story follows up with different villains at the end. The army built by the players has to fight against the villain and its troops to conquer and celebrate justice. Players will gain rewards after they complete each chapter.

The Main City

This option of the game is considered as the home page. Here the players can summon heroes, upgrade them and check their profiles as well.

Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd
  • Tavern:  A tavern Is an option in the Main city where players can go and summon all types of heroes. To summon heroes, players require diamonds which is an in-game currency used to summon heroes and buy special items. Diamonds can be received by completing chapters in campaign mode.
  • Miracle: Up here in Miracle, players can upgrade the heroes and increase the stars of heroes. Players can also reset the heroes and get back all the resources used to upgrade them. Fun fact, players can also gather Soul coins. Soul coins are received by exchanging from heroes in Miracle. Players can dismiss heroes by;
    • Go to the Miracle and tap on the Dismiss option present on the right side of the screen.
    • Tap on the hero you want to dismiss.
    • Tap on the dismiss button present on the screen and get Soul coins as exchange rewards. From this, players can also earn Hero EXP Boost points which will help them upgrade other heroes.
  • Guild: Here you can join the panel with your friends and proceed further in-game. Beginners have to reach level 15 to unlock this mode.


This option shows other non-arc challenges for the players. Players can earn plenty of rewards from these challenges and use them for upgrading their armies. Sadly, beginners have to reach level 10 to unlock this mode and enjoy those challenges.


Quests are the section where players have to complete some assigned missions and in return, they get amazing rewards. There are two types of Quests;

main-quests-among-gods Among Gods RPG Adventure Beginners Guide
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd
  • Main Quests: These missions are the main missions that are to be followed while playing to get rewards.
  • Side Quests: The Side Quests missions are not related to the main game, but are important as well. Players will earn rewards from side quests after they have upgraded or leveled up heroes.

Mastering your Heroes

In this section, players can upgrade the heroes they have and make the army much stronger. Players can even check the categories to which the heroes belong. Follow the steps to level up your player:

  1. First, go to the hero section and tap on the players you want to level up.
  2. After selecting the player, at the bottom left corner, you can see the Level Up option.
  3. Tap on the option several times to level up the hero and upgrade it.
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

Among Gods has plenty of heroes which have special powers and abilities. Beginners might fall into confusion while choosing the best army for themselves. Hence for this, the game has categorized the heroes into different classes and divisions so that the players can distinguish between them and make the best army.

Players can also add gears to the players through the gears section present on the right side of the screen. Gears are very important as heroes get an extra layer of protection while fighting. The game has 100+ heroes with different abilities which are divided into 4 classes. These heroes are further categorized under five divisions;

  • Justice
  • Neutral
  • Evil
  • Holy
  • Corrupt
hero-gallery-among-gods Among Gods RPG Adventure Beginners Guide
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

These divisions describe heroes as per their abilities and origins. Players must choose three heroes of the same category as it will give a boost to the army and increase the chances of winning. At first, beginners can play with only 5 heroes, later they can upgrade and increase the troop size to 9 heroes.

Upgrading your character

Completing stories in the campaign can help you gain Hero EXP Boost points as rewards which will help you to upgrade the heroes. Players can also upgrade the skills of the heroes to make them more effective against the villains.

Other in-game Features

There are some other features that might confuse beginners. let us find out what they do:


Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

The lineup option present in the bottom left corner helps the player to make the best army for war. Here, players can change their lineups, remove some heroes and replace the spots to make the army even stronger than before. At the top, players can even check the overall strength of the army and make changes if required.


army-among-gods Among Gods RPG Adventure Beginners Guide
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

The army section has two options; Gallery and Bonds. The gallery option shows all the heroes present in the game so that players can go through and learn about the heroes. In the Bonds option, players can check out the best duo and make a bond of them. This will provide a great advantage to the player in their army. Hence, players must go through the best bonds.


Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

Players can check about the items they have earned. Players mostly have 4 types of items in their bag; Fragments, Items, Gears, and Relics.


store-among-gods Among Gods RPG Adventure Beginners Guide
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

Here, players can buy special resources with the help of in-game currencies. There are two different kinds of stores; General Store and Soul Store. In the General Store, players can buy resources with the help of coins and diamonds and in the Soul Store, players can utilize their Soul coins to buy resources.

Among Gods! RPG Adventure Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

From a personal opinion and spending a lot of time in the game, here are the best tips for Among Gods RPG Adventure to guide beginners that will help them spark on the battlefield.

1. Choose your Army wisely

Players must look into the heroes they have collected. Add the powerful and most upgraded heroes in the army for better results. Try to add three heroes of the same category, it will boost up your army and increase the chance of winning.

2. Complete the Quests and Objectives

Finish up the main objectives and missions as soon as possible. Completing missions can help you earn rewards that are useful in other aspects of the game.

3. Summon Heroes

Summon as many heroes as you can, it will definitely reward you with one of the best heroes of the game. This will help you improve your army and fight easily against the toughest villains.

4. Upgrade your Heroes

Use your Hero EXP Boost points on your heroes and upgrade them. This will help you boost the player’s abilities and skills which will give you a great advantage on the battlefield.

5. Level up Yourself

Players must level themselves as well. This will help them unlock various other features in the game that will come up with better results.

Final Thoughts

Among Gods! RPG Adventure is a very fantastic, strategic game. As a new game, it has a lot of mesmerizing features which are loved by the players. It has over 100 heroes which have different abilities and skills. The game is an online based game; hence players cannot afford unfair means of play. Play and earn as many in-game currencies and Hero EXP Boost points as possible to enhance your team. Build your ultimate army and individual warriors to smash the faces of villains.

Complete the chapters of the campaign mode, complete your daily and side quests as well to earn points and reach up to the great heights in the game. We hope, this Among Gods! RPG Adventure beginners guide will help you to play the game and make the best move on your first attempt.

That’s all for the Among Gods RPG Adventure Beginners Guide! Did you find our Among Gods RPG Adventure beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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