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Animal Rumble: Idle RPG Beginners Guide and Tips

Your guide to defeat ravenous barbarians!

Animal Rumble is a delightful idle RPG crafted by Perfect World Games that plunges you into a whimsical world where forest animals battle ravenous barbarians using their unique and comical abilities. If you’re a beginner, this Animal Rumble: Idle RPG Beginners Guide is here to help you dive into the game.

As you navigate Animal Rumble, delight in the humor and diverse abilities of your animal team. From the courageous giraffe with its long-reaching attacks to the zany Shiba Inu, each animal brings its brand of fun to the battles against the relentless barbarians.

Animal Rumble: Idle RPG Beginners Guide: Gameplay Basics

Battle Basics

Engaging in battles is as easy as selecting your preferred animals and tapping on the barbarians you wish to attack. Additionally, there’s an auto-attack feature available. Each animal boasts distinct and often hilarious skills that come into play during combat.

Animal Rumble Battle Basics
Image via Perfect World Games

For instance, imagine a giraffe using its incredibly long neck to deliver direct punches to its enemies, adding a comical twist to the fight. Explore various animals and their unconventional abilities to strategize your way through the encounters with the barbarians.

Leveling Up

As you progress through stages, your animals gain experience points (XP) and valuable items by defeating enemies, allowing them to level up. Keep an eye out for treasure chests scattered across the game, offering varying tiers of rewards.

Animal Rumble Hero Level Up
Image via Perfect World Games

Lucky players might stumble upon these chests, containing a diverse array of skill items and gold that significantly enhance your animals’ abilities. These treasures are instrumental in strengthening your team, empowering them to become the mightiest fighters in Animal Rumble: Idle RPG.

Getting Chest Rewards

Remember to regularly open your chests in Animal Rumble: Idle RPG, where you’ll find five different types: Wood, Rocky, Silver, Golden, and Diamond chests. Each chest offers a variety of rewards, including resources and hero shards crucial for progression.

Animal Rumble Chest
Image via Perfect World Games

It’s important to note that the probabilities of obtaining heroes within chests of the same quality are evenly distributed among all available heroes. So, whether you’re opening a Wood or a Diamond chest, the chance of obtaining specific heroes remains the same across chests of the same tier. Keep collecting those shards to unlock and enhance your roster of heroes!

Equipping Accessories

In the game, heroes can also equip various accessories, each carrying distinct effects that bolster their performance in battles. These accessories provide strategic advantages and augment a hero’s abilities during combat. From enhancing attack strength to boosting defense or providing special abilities, these accessories play a crucial role in fine-tuning your hero squad.

Animal Rumble Accessory
Image via Perfect World Games

As you progress through the game, acquiring and equipping the right accessories to complement each hero’s strengths can significantly impact your success in battles against the relentless barbarians.

Summoning Heroes

The game also features a summoning system that allows players to acquire heroes or hero shards using hero tickets. These tickets serve as the currency for the summons. When drawing, players have a chance to obtain either hero shards or complete heroes to add to their roster.

Animal Rumble Summon Feature
Image via Perfect World Games

Also, in the game, there’s a cool Wishlist feature. When you add a hero to your Wishlist, after about 50 tries, you’re sure to get that hero. But if you happen to get the hero before the 50 tries, it still counts. This way, you can get the heroes you want without needing too many tries.

Animal Rumble: Idle RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Plan your Team Lineup smartly

Experiment with different lineups by considering the strengths and abilities of each animal. Create a balanced team that covers various skills like offense, defense, and support to tackle different challenges effectively.

2. Utilise your Fruits Wisely

Use the fruit system strategically by equipping fruits that complement each animal’s abilities. Match specific fruits to their corresponding animals to maximize their effectiveness in battles. For instance, if an animal has high attack abilities, equipping a fruit that boosts attack power can significantly enhance its performance.

3. Watch out for each Chapter

Different chapters introduce varying scenario mechanisms and core monsters. Being aware of these unique challenges and the specific monsters you’ll encounter in each chapter will help you strategize better. Adapt your tactics accordingly to effectively tackle the diverse challenges presented in every chapter.

4. Upgrade your Equipment

Regularly upgrading your equipment is essential for boosting your team’s strength. Don’t forget to invest in upgrading your equipment to maximize your heroes’ capabilities and ensure they’re prepared for tougher battles ahead

5. Complete Assignments and Achievements

Completing daily quests and other achievements is key to acquiring essential resources for enhancing your team’s progress. These quests often reward valuable resources crucial for leveling up your heroes and improving their abilities. Keep an eye on these tasks as they provide a steady stream of resources to strengthen your team.

Final Thoughts

In Animal Rumble: Idle RPG, every battle, every upgrade, and every strategic choice shapes your animal squad’s journey. Embrace the whimsy and challenges of each chapter, refine your team, and conquer the barbarian hordes with your unique lineup of charismatic heroes.

Remember, this beginner’s guide is just the start of your adventure. Keep exploring, experimenting with lineups, and unlocking the potential of your animals and accessories. Keep at it, think smart, and add some fun—your team will rule in the wild world of Animal Rumble!

That’s all from us for the Animal Rumble: Idle RPG Beginners Guide! Did you find our Animal Rumble: Idle RPG Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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