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Apex Legends Mobile Lifeline Guide: Abilities, Perks and Gameplay Tips

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Lifeline is undoubtedly the best support legend in the game. Her real name is Ajay Che, and she is more commonly known as the Lifeline. She is aged 24 and her homeworld is Psamathe. Lifeline is not someone players would expect to find in the Apex Games, given her history. In this guide, we will discuss everything about Lifeline in Apex Legends Mobile and her abilities, perks, recommended teammates, finishers, along with tips and tricks to master it.

About Lifeline in Apex Legends Mobile

Lifeline left home when she learned of the damage her family had caused in the Frontier Corps, a humanitarian organization that aids Frontier communities in need. Since then, she has devoted her life to helping others and hence joined Apex Games to fund the Frontier Corps with her winnings.

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Lifeline is a Combat Medic. The role of a Combat Medic in Apex Legends Mobile is to keep their teammates alive, by defending them when downed and providing them with healable items. They excel on the battlefield in both combat and medical situations. Lifeline has several abilities that help in the aid of the team. In this Apex Legends Mobile guide, we will look at the abilities of Lifeline in detail.

Lifeline Abilities

Abilities are special powers that come with a cooldown, and these abilities are unique for every Legend.  Lifeline’s abilities prove her role right.  

Lifeline Abilities Apex Legends Mobile
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Passive Ability – Combat Revive

Her passive ability, Combat Revive is one of a kind. While using Lifeline, whenever the teammate is knocked down, players must run up to them and then tap the revive button. By doing that, players can go away and do their own thing. How is this even possible?

On applying the passive ability, she deploys the Drone Of Compassion (D.O.C.) to do the reviving for her, while she can defend her teammate without any hassle. Not only this, but on activating the passive ability, it also drops a shield in front of your downed teammate, which is completely indestructible! Players can now revive up to 2 players at the same time. There is no cooldown for this ability either, so one can activate it anytime.

Tactical Ability – D.O.C. Heal Drone

Her tactical ability, D.O.C. Heal Drone works quite similar to the passive ability. Once this ability is activated, D.O.C. Drone is deployed and heals the players over time, within a small radius. Players can heal up to 2 players at the same time.

Ultimate Ability – Care Package

Her ultimate ability is called “Care Package”. Upon activating this ability, it allows Lifeline to call down a care package, that will provide fantastic survival gear. This care package contains heals, attachments, and a guaranteed body armor upgrade.

Perks and Finishers of Lifeline in Apex Legends Mobile

Every legend has its own perks and finishers that are unlockable. The more we play with a legend, the sooner can we unlock new perks and finishers. Talking about Lifeline, she has 5 different perks, which we shall break down in detail.

Apex Legends Mobile Lifeline Perks Finshers
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  • Stress: When the players’ body shield is destroyed, movement speed increases by 10% for 3 seconds.
  • Dying Dose: When the player’s health falls below 50, using any healable item gives an additional 25 HP.
  • Emergency Battery: When the player doesn’t have a body shield, using a Shield Cell gives an additional 25 Shield Points.
  • MED Soldier: Each slot of the player’s Backpack can store 1 extra Health or Shield item per stack.
  • Enmity: Reviving a Teammate restores 25 Health to you and the revived teammate.

Finishers are what we can call, a final blow to your enemy. While an enemy is downed, you can either shoot them to death or move close to them and perform a Finisher. Every finisher gives you different but similar benefits. When it comes to Lifeline, we have:

  • Execution: Tactical Thunder: On performing a Finisher, all Shields get refilled and it immediately resets the Tactical ability cooldown.
  • Execution: Final Thrill: After taking down an enemy with a Finisher, all shields get restored and the cooldown for the Ultimate ability is reduced by 30%.
  • Execution: Ammo Recovery:  After taking down an enemy with a Finisher, all shields are restored and weapon ammo is refilled.

Recommended Teammates for Lifeline in Apex Legends Mobile

In order to become the perfect player for the character, players will need a perfect team of characters with equal strategical skills and abilities. In this Apex Legends Mobile guide, we can recommend the players with two teams with Lifeline included in both the teams that players can go for. But, players must remember that it all comes to the playstyle of every player, so they may switch up the legends accordingly.

  • Lifeline, Octane, Bloodhound: Lifeline can play her role perfectly here, as we have Octane helping out on faster transportation, and Bloodhound to take care of the offensive end of the team, while also making sure the surroundings are safe using his Tactical Ability. This is a very balanced team, so those who have an all-around set of players can definitely give it a shot.
  • Lifeline, Wraith, Bangalore: The best support legend will receive extra support from fellow characters Wraith and Bangalore. Bangalore will help in cover using her smoke, and Wraith can be used for a getaway using her Ultimate Ability, in case, there are many enemies around. Mirage is also a great option to be included. All three legends are supportive. Hence, those players with supportive/ defensive playstyle can try this out.  

Apex Legends Mobile Lifeline Gameplay Tips

In this section of the guide, we will look at some tips and tricks to play Lifeline in Apex Legends Mobile.

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  • Players can stick close to the teammates as they may need them anytime.
  • Lifeline is a complete package of everything a team needs, from a support perspective. Thus, staying around your teammates can ensure that they have a backup ready always. You are their Life Saver.
  • Players must make use of their Ultimate ability wisely. The Care Package is not required too often, but when it does, they must make sure to use it wisely, since it has a cooldown of 360 seconds.
  • Players must activate the Care Package after ensuring that their surroundings are safe. Since, they can only call it in open space and it takes time to drop, they will be prone to enemies from any side.

Final Thoughts

Lifeline is a free character that gets unlocked in the base game, at the very beginning. As a field paramedic and competitor in the Apex Games, she is the closest thing to a healer in Apex Legends. She’s one of two support characters in the game who can actively heal her squad on her own. As a Lifeline, it should be the duty of the player to stay with the teammate in the fight and help him with what’s necessary.

That’s all for today’s Lifeline guide in Apex Legends Mobile. Do you prefer to use Lifeline in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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