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Apex Legends Mobile Worlds Edge map guide with loot places and secret Vault locations

Get a headstart with the secret locations

One of the two rotating maps available in Apex Legends Mobile is the Worlds Edge map. while Kings Canyon is still in the works, let us walk you through Apex Legends World’s Edge Map with our guide. With all conceivable High and Mid-tier loot locations and Hot zones, secret vault locations with the highest tier of loot.

In Apex Legends Mobile loot is classified into five types

  • Common (denoted in Grey
  • Rare (denoted in Blue)
  • Epic (denoted in Purple)
  • Legendary (denoted in Yellow)
  • Heirloom (hidden rarity; denoted in Red)

Locations in Apex Legends Mobile have tiers ranging from Basic to High Tier. Basic tier locations have common weapons and items, Medium tier locations have weapons and items ranging from Common to Rare classes with a slight chance of finding an epic item or weapon, and High tier locations have weapons and items ranging from Common to Epic classes with a little chance of finding a legendary item or weapon.

While dropping on the map, you’ll notice that destinations have two colors: Blue for mid-tier locations and Purple for high-tier locations. Keep this in mind because tiers of locations are sometimes randomized.

Apex Legends Mobile Best loot locations with tiers

Mid Tier Locations

Apex Legends Mobile worlds edge map
Image via Electronic Arts
  • Capitol city: Located at the center of the map covered in ice.
  • Drill Site: Drill Site is a small settlement located west of Hill Valley, south of Skyhook and Uncharted Territories, and east of Lava Fissure
  • Fuel depot: located below Capitol City
  • Train Yard: The Train Yard is located near the center of the map west of Fragments East and West.

High Tier Locations

Apex Legends Mobile Worlds Edge Map guide
Image via Electronic Arts
  • Skyhook: Skyhook comprises a large city on the northeast side of the map. There are various skyscrapers with the famous Space Elevator Tower in the center. There’s also a train station where the train used to stop when at Skyhook.
  • Lava Fissure: Lava Fissure is located on the west side of the map.
  • Thermal Station: Thermal Station is a large area on the map’s southwest. 
  • The Tree is located southwest of the map, near Thermal Station.
  • Sorting Factory: Sorting Factory is located near the center of the map.
  • The Dome: The Dome is a large shattered sphere located in the far southeast of the map, just south of Lava City. 
  • Lava City: It is located in the southeast portion of the map.
  • The Geyser: The Geyser is a small facility to the east of the map with its namesake Geyser, which can be used like a Jump Tower located in the middle.
  • Overlook: Overlook is located on the far eastern side of the map. It has buildings similar to Survey Camp dotted on the landscape.
  • Refinery: The refinery is located on the northeast side of the map, north of epicentre and east of Survey Camp.
  • Epicenter: The epicentre is a large drill tower that was the source of the “Meltdown” accident that led to the abandonment of World’s Edge. Its frozen central tower can easily be seen as far as Hill Valley.


The train travels along a rail that spans the majority of the map. The train has many supply bins and a control panel in the front that may stop the train at any time. The cars on World’s Edge are no longer moving but scattered across the tracks.

Hot Zones

A random spot on the map is assigned as a Hot Zone at the start of each match, denoted by a pulsing blue circle marker. Indicating that there will be higher quality loot and a probability of discovering a fully outfitted weapon in that region.


Here are the locations of all three vaults:

Apex legends mobile worlds edge map
Image via Electronic Arts

Vaults are secure rooms containing Epic and Legendary riches. They are only accessible with a Vault Key. Vaults can be found south of The Train Yard, north of the Geyser, and west of Lava City.

Hope you find this Apex Legends Mobile Worlds Edge Map Guide useful. Please feel free to ask any questions about the Worlds Edge map in the comments section below, We will make sure to reply to everyone. 

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