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Apex Legends Mobile Three Faction Feud Challenge: Tips to earn Pathfinder skin for free

Easily earn amazing rewards in Three Faction Feud challenge!

The ongoing season 3 in Apex Legends Mobile is in its last week as a new split season will begin after November 29, 2022. So, before the current Battle Pass expires players can participate in several challenges and events to collect free rewards and Champion Coins (season 3 currency). The latest quest in the list is the time-limited Three Faction Feud challenge. The Three Faction Feud Challenge event marks the competition among the factions of Big 3 – Emerald Leviathan, Dragon Company, and Locust Network in Apex Legends Mobile.  

How to complete the Three Faction Feud challenge to earn free rewards

The Three Faction Feud event commenced on 23rd November 2022 and will remain live till 30th November. In this quest, players must complete 7 distinct missions, each of which has a distinctive objective.

Apex Legends Mobile Three Faction Fued Challenge
Image via Electronic Arts

Upon successful completion of these missions, players have a chance to win the alluring Pathfinder skin, among the other rewards that will be handed out. Following is the list of the missions and the corresponding rewards needed to complete the challenge.

  • Play 10 matches in any mode: Porcelain Kunai (Pathfinder Skin)
  • Restore 500 Health using Med Kits in Battle Royale: 3 Pack Pieces
  • Use 5 different Ziplines in Battle Royale: 1 Amber Mark (Charm)
  • Survive a total of 5 times to round 2 of the Ring closing in Battle Royale: 200 Flux
  • Use Jump Tower 3 times in Battle Royale: 1000 Champion Coins
  • Kill 5 enemies in Ranked Match: 3 Pack Pieces
  • Deal 500 damage in a single match in Battle Royal: 2000 Champion Coins
Apex Legends Mobile Three Faction Fued Challenge
Image via Electronic Arts

To access the event players must tap on the Three Faction Feud banner located on the right side of the home screen. As the current season will expire soon, season 3.5 will be flooded with new seasonal currency: Underworld Coins. Players can also find many more brand-new events waiting to be released in the game by looking at the November event schedule.

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