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Apex Legends Mobile to introduce Ash and Revenant in season 3 according to leaks

New Legends are arriving soon in the game!

The anticipation and speculation surrounding the new legends, maps, and modes for the upcoming season of Apex Legends Mobile grow with each new season. After legend Crypto hit the scenes in season 2.5, leaks indicate that legends Ash and Revenant are most likely to be the next character to be added to Apex Legends Mobile.

The latest leaks by data miner Apex Mobile Leaks claim that Ash and Revenant will be the next legends waiting to be introduced in Season 3. Ash is an offensive legend who was introduced in the PC version of this game in season 11. This suggests that the game won’t release a mobile-exclusive legend the next season as opposed to the trend that we have been seeing in the past seasons. Usually, the mid-seasonal updates come with an already existing legend from the PC, whereas a brand new legend makes its entry every new season. 

Introducing Ash, an investigator known for her unique tactical ability

Ash is an incisive investigator and is defined by their unique tactical ability, passive ability, and an ultimate ability. Speaking about her tactical ability – Arc Snare launches a spinning snare that hurts and tethers the first enemy to approach. This gives players the chance to either drive them away or flee.

Her passive ability Marked For Death enables her to see the location of recent death boxes and marks the surviving attackers. And lastly, her ultimate ability ‘Phase Breach’ tears open a one-way portal to a targeted location, providing an opportunity to launch a surprise attack on enemies.

Meet Revenant, the aggressive nightmare who specializes in ambushes 

Datamine leaks reveal the presence of Ash and Revenant in Apex Legends Mobile

Further leaks by ThatOneGamingBot reveal that another legend Revenant will also be released in the upcoming season. Although there has been no official confirmation, it seems Revenant is reserved for season 3.5 following Ash’s addition. Apart from that, players might as well get a new map – Olympus and a new weapon – Rampage LMG in the forthcoming season of the title.

What are your thoughts about leaks of the arrival of the new legends Ash and Revenant in Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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