Arcade Hunter Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Strategies

Arcade Hunter is a game that’s based on the hunt and run concept of gameplay. As the name suggests, it’s an arcade game where the player controls a character that raids through stages containing various monsters, demons, and tough bosses. The difficulty increases with each succeeding level. Needless to mention, the game goes on as long as the player manages to keep his character alive. The game is offered by ONESOFT studios. Today, we will share some tips and tricks to guide you in clearing the advanced stages of Arcade Hunter.

1. Have quick and swift fingers

This game might seem easy, initially, but it becomes one hell of a nightmare to clear the latter stages. It’s partly because of the increased difficulty and also partly because of the new attack based monsters that you get to deal with in each succeeding round. New Attack means the kind of offensive moves that weren’t exhibited by the monsters, previously. So, the player will have to improvise and plot the tactics amidst the battle to defeat these unique monsters.

Arcade Hunter Guide
‘Flying Dragon’ Class of Monsters in Arcade Hunter

Well, in order to clear the stages with as little damage taken as possible, the player will have to improve on their dexterity. It becomes crucial to position your character and make rapid movements all around the stage area. Learn how to evade the attacks of the monsters. The monsters are divided into various classes, each with its unique attack can serve to be a great problem if they end up cornering the character the player is controlling.

Hence, to clear stages in this game, players need to realize that evading is far more important to master than attacking. One good strategy is not to be still while attacking and playing with the attack and dodge mentality.

2. Analyze the in-game Monsters

Each monster class attacks in a particularly unique manner. While their movements might not form a pattern, their attacks definitely do so. Attacking the monsters without any strategy or blindly running around the stage to evade their attacks is futile. So, it’s best to figure out how to deal with their weaknesses first, in order to stand a chance to advance to the latter stages.

Some of the monsters perform melee attacks only, they tend to be in a herd and try to corner the player’s character. While others fly and shoot canons. Some are less mobile but on the other hand deal with heavy damage. Let’s see how to deal with some of the monster types.

Melee Type

Skills set to deal with Melee Type monsters in-game

A good way to deal with those monsters would be to equip a flame or lightening range field that inflicts considerable damage to all monsters within that range.

Flying type

To deal with flying dragons you can equip bouncing bullets/ricochet bullets to deal extra damage to surrounding monsters as well as to the dragons themselves.

Arcade Hunter Guide
Skills set to deal with Flying type monsters in-game

Oblique Bullets skill can also come in handy if the stage begins to get crowded with all sorts of monsters from all directions.

Heavy Canon type

To deal with canon wielded monsters, you can use flame/lightning attack boost. The attack boosts forms a link with other monsters and deals significant damage to all the linked monsters.

Skills set to deal with Heavy Cannon type monsters in-game

The normal attack boost increases the damage and can be used along with the defensive Twin shields skill to offer a balanced set of skills.

In similar ways, players can devise their own tactics on how to deal with the wide variety of monsters in Arcade Hunter and guide them to easy wins.

3.Upgrade your Skills and Weapons


Arcade Hunter Guide
Equip a skill of your choice!

As already mentioned, the game offers various skills after clearing stages. Some skills are defensive in nature while others are meant for offense and some offer a boost to the player’s movement. Using these skills will greatly increase your chances of reaching the advanced stages.


Arcade Hunter Guide
Wide range of ‘Powers’ to choose from

To make your raids more impactful and lethal, players can also equip powers. These powers are similar to skills but different in the sense that powers are a part of the player’s loadout, unlike skills that lose effect once the player’s character dies. In other words, powers grant permanent boosts to the characters.

Armor Upgrades

Arcade Hunter Guide
Upgrade your Weapons!

Last but not the least, it’s also important that players upgrade their weaponry. Upgrading the weapons/armory amplifies the effect of your attacking and defensive skills and powers.

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Giant/dwarf skill? Supposed to be a use-skill button but I don’t see it. Some of the heroes have triggered powers too. Do I have to have a separate controller or something?

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