Arena Breakout Guide: Complete list of all the Weapons in the game

Guns galore in Arena Breakout! Which one's your favourite?

Arena Breakout, the newest upcoming shooter title from Chinese game-developing giants Tencent Games, is seeing much hype amidst other new and upcoming games of the same genre. This is due to the advanced mechanics which Arena Breakout has promised us in addition to the realistic gameplay, which is by far one of the most realistic among mobile games out there. In this article, we will take a look at the list of weapons in Arena Breakout that this game has in store for us.

List of all the Weapons present in Arena Breakout

Arena Breakout offers a total of eight categories of weapons, each of them serving its own purposes and unique in its own different aspects. So let’s take a look at the categories and the weapons included.

1. Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are without a doubt the most used category of firearms not only in Arena Breakout but in any game which involves the use of weapons in it. Assault rifles are extremely versatile and find use in almost any situation such as sudden ambushes, long drawn gun fights, cover fire, and not mention head-to-head fights. Another advantage of an assault rifle lies in its ability to operate in a wide range of distances, from close quarters to mid to long ranges. Now let’s take a look at them.

weapons list
Image via Tencent Games
  • AKM: One of the if not most iconic weapons in the history of first-person shooter games, the AKM is an optimized version of the AK-47, designed by Soviet company Avtomat Kalashnikov, thus the initials AK. It uses 7.62mm ammunition and has a magazine capacity of 39.
  • AK-74N: The AK-74N is yet another version of the renowned AK series by Avtomat Kalashnikova, developed in the year 1974. It uses 5.45mm ammunition and contains 39 bullets in a single magazine.
  • AKS74U: Developed in the year 1979 by Avtomat Kalashnikova(once again), the AKS74U was created to be a balanced hybrid of an assault rifle and a submachine gun and found uses in the special forces, air force, and other commando units. It uses 5.45mm x 39 ammunition.
  • M4A1: The M4 Carbine, popularly known as the M4A1 is another iconic firearm developed by the USA. It is used widely in NATO forces and uses 5.45mm ammunition.
  • FAL: The FAL or the Fusil Automatique Léger is a Belgian light rifle developed by Dieudonné Saive and manufactured by FN Herstal. It uses 7.62mm ammunition.
  • H416: The Heckler and Koch HK416 or the H416 is a gas-operated NATO rifle and utilizes 5.56mm type ammunition.
  • MDR: The MDR is a modern autoloading bullpup rifle designed by Desert Tech in the year 2014 and uses the standard ammunition caliber for NATO, the 5.56mm type.
  • AK-102: The AK-102 is a version of the AK series of rifles derived from the AK-47 and the AK-74 in order to cater to a larger number of forces with a modernized design. It uses 5.56mm ammunition.

2. Submachine Guns

Submachine Guns are one of the most widely used categories of weapons in close-range skirmishes and ambushes. They excel in close-quarters combat and generally have a very high rate of fire and quick reload speeds. The submachine guns available in Arena Breakout are as follows

Arena Breakout weapons list
Image via Tencent Games
  • MP5: The Heckler and Koch MP5, designed by Germany is probably the most widely used submachine gun in the world with over 100 variants designed since the first. It uses 9mm ammunition and can hold up to 19 rounds in one magazine.
  • Uzi: The Uzi is an Israeli gun that kind of bridges the gap between a machine pistol and a submachine gun. It fires a rapid burst of 9mm rounds, up to 19 rounds per magazine.
  • UMP45: The Heckler and Koch UMP is a submachine gun derived from the iconic MP5 gun, as discussed above. It uses 45ACP-type ammunition.
  • MPX: The MPX is a gas-operated submachine gun designed by Sig Sauer and utilizes 9mm ammunition and can hold up to 19 rounds in one magazine.
  • P90: Manufactured by FN Herstal, the P90 is one of the most accurate and reliable weapons out there. It uses 5.7mm ammunition and can fire up to 50 bullets from a single magazine.

3. DMRs

DMRs or designated marksman rifles form the middle ground between traditional assault rifles and heavier bolt-action sniper rifles. They are used for taking precision shots at enemies at a distance and are often semi-automatic. The weapons falling into this category in Arena Breakout are listed below.

  • SVDS: The SVDS, popularly known as the Dragunov is a marksman rifle of Soviet origin and still finds use even after half a decade after it was originally created. It uses 7.62mm ammunition in magazines of 10 bullets each.
  • VSS: The VSS Vintorez developed by the Tula Arms Plant in USSR is a DMR that is characterized by its integrated suppressor. It fires 9mm rounds and can hold up to 20 rounds in a magazine.
  • MK-14: The MK-14, also known as the MK-14 EBR is a NATO gun and can hold up to 20 rounds of 7.62-type ammunition.
  • SR-25: The SR-25 or the Stoner-25 is a marksman rifle of British origin and is yet another gun that is employed by the forces of NATO. It uses 7.62mm ammunition.

4. Bolt-action Sniper Rifles

Bolt action Sniper rifles are usually the heaviest firearms that a soldier carries onto the battlefield. They are used for their accuracy in extremely long ranges and they deal enough damage to kill an enemy with just one shot.

Image via Tencent Games
  • Mosin Nagant: The Mosin is a sniper rifle long revered for its longevity and design. Often called the 3-line M1891, it uses 7.62mm ammunition and can fire up to five shots after reloading once.
  • AX50: The AX50 is among one of the deadliest weapons in existence in the present day and it utilizes the uses of .50 BMG cartridges.

5. Shotguns

Shotguns are designed for use in point-blank ranges and extremely close quarters. They shoot devastating volleys of pellets and are nearly always fatal to the victim. Although their effectivity decreases as the distance of the target increases.

Arena Breakout
Image via Tencent Games
  • M870: The M870 Remington is a forever iconic piece of engineering and is still widely used in sporting events and for game hunting today. It uses 12-gauge ammunition.
  • Saiga-12: The Saiga-12 is another amazing piece of engineering from the historical Soviet company Kalashnikov. Like other standard shotguns, the Saiga also uses 12-gauge ammunition.

6. Light Machine Gun

Light Machine Guns are best characterized by their ability to lay down covering fire and to mow down swarms of enemies. They offer the perks of a machine gun with added mobility. There is currently on;y one LMG in Arena Breakout.

  • RPK-16: The RPK-16 is an LMG of tremendous firepower as it can accommodate a drum magazine that can hold up to 95 rounds at once. It uses the 5.56mm type of ammunition.


So this is it for our list of weapons available in the game Arena Breakout. The game which has been dubbed the Escape From Tarkov for mobile devices does look solid coming up and we are all waiting to see what it holds for us in the future.

What are your thoughts on the list of weapons in Arena Breakout? Let us know in the comments below!

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