Arena of Valor: A Complete Guide to the 2020 Renewed Support Items

With August coming around the corner, new support items will be introduced into the world of Arena of Valor. To help support mains and aspiring support mains to adapt and find their place within the new support item patch, we will be going over the abilities of the new as well as the renewed support items and its impact in Arena of Valor in general.

Tier 1 Support Item

Instead of having the 2 different types of tier 1 renewed support items in Arena of Valor, there will only be one tier 1 support item- the elemental gem. It provides generally similar base stats as the old tier 1 support items.

Elemental Gem

Those stats being an increase in 5% movement speed for supports to roam quicker. However, its passive surpasses the old support items’ by far.


Passive 1

If your economy is the second-lowest or lowest in your team, you will gain 8 gold and experience every 3 seconds. This is similar to the old tier 1 support item’s passive. However, the old one’s passive only activates if you have the lowest economy in the game. Thus the new change benefits support as the criteria for activating the passive widens.

Passive 2

If nearby allies kill jungle camps and minion waves, you will receive 40% of their gold and experience WITHOUT affecting the amount of gold and experience your allies receive. This passive will be removed at the 8-minute mark. This passive heavily benefits the support role as they can now do so many things without fearing to have accidentally taken a part of their allies’ gold and experience. Recommended activities that benefit from this passive include :

  1. Helping the jungler leash their jungle camps so to increase their jungle clear speed
  2. Quickly clearing mid the first mid wave with your mid laner to have an early roam.

Passive 3

Upon receiving an assist or kill, you will receive 30% extra gold and experience. As supports seldom receive kills and don’t get that bounty from killing the enemy, their economic and experience growth is often neglected. Therefore this passive allows supports to maintain a steadier growth and position in the game. On another note, it provides an incentive for supports to gank and roam so you won’t worry about your support ignoring team fights as often.

Tier 2 Support Items

Tier 2 support items will now be categorized into 3 types- Earth, Water, and Fire.

Support Items in Arena of Valor
Earth Gem, Water Stone & Fire Gem

The passives of these items remain unchanged from the Elemental Gem. However, the upgrade to tier 2 is where the support items’ base stats diverge.

Base Stats

Tier 2 support items in Arena of Valor have a common provision of +5% movement speed and +10 cooldown reduction, but they all diverge at the third stat provision.

  • Earth Gem: 400 Base Health
  • Water Stone: 40 Magic Damage
  • Fire Gem: 40 Attack Damage

Thus, we can see that tank supports such as Mina, Lumburr, and Toro are more suited to take up the Earth Gem to cater to their need for tankiness. Caster supports such as Annette and Alice would rather opt for the Water Stone as it gives them a little more magic damage and could increase their input in a team fight. Lastly, the Fire Gem would be most suitable for more offensive supports such as Riktor and Maloch support as their base damage is quite decent already. The addition of 40% Attack Damage really gives an edge for these types of supports.

Tier 3 Support Items

After you got your base support item, being either Earth, Water or Fire, the next step to raise it to tier 3 is to decide on which enchantment on it. There are 5 enchantments, being Genesis, Magic Eye, Eradicate, Cleansing and Barrier. Their abilities can be seen in the image below.

As some of you may recognize, the abilities of the old tier 3 support items in Arena of Valor have repeated. The buff from Tidecaller’s Mark on Genesis, the vision from Ring of the Fiend on Magic Eye. And the CC immunity from Purifying Bracers. However, the Shields from Essence of the Wind has been buffed and put onto Barrier as you are no longer restricted to give a shield to the ally with the lowest health as you will provide shields to the entire team by activating Barrier.

Support Items in Arena of Valor

The only new ability added is Eradicate which launches out a projectile towards the enemy with the lowest health and causes 500+(Level x 50 ) true damage. This can be used to slow down or kill escaping enemies.

In general, the abilities of the tier 3 support items haven’t changed much except the introduction of Eradicate. Therefore support mains form the old version won’t have a hard time learning about the new support items’ abilities as they are nearly identical. After purchasing an enchantment,  supports can switch enchantments without payment. However, every time they switch an enchantment, the new enchantment will be on cooldown.


With the introduction of base support items that provide stats that benefit specific types of supports ( e.g Tank, Caster, Offensive ), get a more personalized treatment. And stats that directly target their play style instead of general support stats. This is a general buff for the support role.

Also, the ability to switch enchantments without economic cost allows supports to swiftly adapt to the battle situation. Unlike in the past versions, if you purchase the wrong tier 3 item. You will have to sell the entire thing in order to change it. This allows diversity in abilities and forgivingness in the purchase of a wrong enchantment. Thus making the support role more comfortable to play and can allow supports to use the best enchantment for the situation instead of being stuck with a suboptimal ability.

The support item change is a great change and buff for supports to go forth and thrive within the current meta. Hopefully there will be an increase in the number of support players in the upcoming season!

Did you find the guide on Renewed and New Support items in Arena of Valor helpful? Let us know in the comment section below! If you want to read our other Arena of Valor articles, click here.

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Milad Jangalvaee

As a main slyer laner I highly suggest to not waste time stealing mid lane waves from your team, instead take more risk to invade enemy jungle. Each success invade will be translated to weakening enemy jungler.
You may wait in bush until enemy jungler comes and attack both minion and jungler at the right time.

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