Arena of Valor: 5 Best Junglers you should pick to get out of low elo

Jungle, the carry role in the Arena of Valor solo queue, the role that everyone wants to play as they imagine traversing the map and getting kills left and right. Though many want to play the jungle role, many fail- terribly. This is often due to the fact that they desire to play characters with skill capacities over their current skill level, these include Murad, Nakroth, Enzo and Elandorr, characters who are relatively mechanically challenging and aren’t appropriate for a beginner without much MOBA knowledge to pick up. So if you are one of these beginners, do not worry- with enough experience, you too can learn these champs in the future. For now, you should stick to some characters with higher learning efficiency and less mechanically complicated kits to swiftly boost yourself out of low elos. Here are 5 best junglers in Arena of Valor you should pick up in low elos in order to rank up quickly.

5 Best Junglers in Arena of Valor

These are our five best junglers in Arena of Valor to get you out of low elo, according to their strength and effectiveness.

5. Batman

Difficulty :

Combo : S3 -> S2 -> S1 -> S3

Item build: Soulreaver, Hermes Select, Rankbreaker, Omni Arms, Fenrir’s Tooth, Blade of Eternity.

best junglers in Arena of Valor Batman

Skill Discussion

Batman is 5th in our list of best junglers in Arena of Valor to get you out of low elo. He is easily one of the strongest champions in the game- during the early game only. He possesses a skill set that has incredible burst damage, a stun and invisibility which can easily burst down individual targets, thus making Batman really strong during the early game. As during the early game, the enemy team is usually split up into their respective lanes, they are more susceptible to ganks and are easier to pick off individually- that, of course, being one of Batman’s strengths.

 Another strength of Batman is his roam potential, due to his ultimate’s ability to grant him long periods of invisibility, be sure to take advantage of those long invisibility periods and roam the map, try and find where the enemies are and provide macro information to your team. You happen to run into a squishy enemy all alone, quickly burst them down with your combo and leave. By being able to take out squishies and also provide macro information, you not only do your job as a jungler but even go so far to become a partial support.

Things you need to be aware of while playing Batman in AOV

The things that players should be aware of when playing Batman is that if an enemy is in the range of your S2, they will be notified of your presence as seen in fig 1. When Batman players shouldn’t stay in the range that notifies their enemies for too long or their invisibility wears off. Also, players should be aware that Batman falls off late-game pretty bad as his Attack Damage scaling is pretty bad and because enemies generally clump together, thus if Batman jumps in, it is highly likely that he will be instantly crowd controlled and melted within seconds under enemy fire.

Remember that Batman is an early game hero and is extremely broken for the first 7 minutes of the game. Therefore you should make the most of your early game to invade, gank and take objectives. By making the most of your early game, you bring a large advantage for your team and give them a chance to snowball and carry you during the late game or just end the game early.

4. Zanis

Difficulty : ⭐

Combo : S1->S3->S2->AA

Item build: Soulreaver, Gilded Greaves, Omni Arms, Claves Sancti, Fenrir’s tooth, Blade of Eternity.

best junglers in Arena of Valor Zanis

Zanis, one of the free heroes you get during the game trials, is 4th in our list of best junglers in Arena of Valor to get you out of low elo. Due to his weakness in the early game, many players choose to give up on him and deem him a bad hero. In fact, he is a suboptimal jungler in high elos as high elo players tend to play more carefully and are less susceptible to his ganks. But if we’re talking about boosting yourself out of low elos? Zanis is the choice for you.

Skill Discussion

The star feature of Zanis is his passive. For every kill or assist you gain, you gain one stack of your passive, which increases your attack by 12 per stack. With a maximum of 20 stacks, when played correctly and snowballed hard enough, Zanis can have an extra 240 attack damage, which is even more than the fenrir’s tooth- the item that provides the most attack damage in the game- can provide. Now that’s a lot of damage. Pair this damage with the true damage gained from his ultimate and the attack speed gained from his S2, he is sure to be an unstoppable force when snowballing. So unstoppable that a fed Zanis can 1v1 character in the game, taking out anything that isn’t a tank with his one shot capabilities and taking out tanks with his true damage.

AoV Zanis

To acquire the stacks and become the promised “unstoppable force” you must endure your early game’s lack of damage and easily avoidable ganks. However, in low elo, these issues seem to fade away as low elo players tend to have worse positioning and map awareness, making them easier to gank and thus making it easier for you to get your stacks. To abuse the misplays of a low elo player is the key to playing Zanis well. As you raise in elo, you might need to say goodbye to Zanis because higher elo enemies generally make fewer mistakes and thus have fewer points for you to capitalize off of and get your passive stacks, making Zanis suboptimal in high elos.

Things you need to be aware of while playing Zanis in AOV

Things to take note of when playing Zanis is to remember that your S1 removes crowd control effects from you (absolute crowd control such as Arum ultimate and Aleister ultimate not included), therefore it is recommended that you take Devil’s Awakening on Zanis so after your combo, you S1 will be off cooldown as soon as possible. Thus allowing you to escape, free of the troubles and worries of being crowd controlled. Also note that Zanis is not good at teamfights and is most suited for flanking the enemy squishy, one-shotting them with his combo, then making a swift escape with his S1 or remain and finish off the teamfight by clearing off the remaining tanks with his true damage.

3. Butterfly

Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐

Combo : S1->S3->S2->AA

Item build: Leviathan. Gilded Greaves, Rankbreaker, Omni Arms, Fenrir’s Tooth, Blade of Eternity.

best junglers in Arena of Valor Butterfly

Butterfly is a fan favourite character due to her character design, simple playstyle and the soothing feeling of popping off on her as your abilities reset and you slice the enemy team down one by one. She is 3rd in our list of best junglers in Arena of Valor to get you out of low elo.

Skill Discussion

Butterfly’s kit is one of the most simple in the game, her S1 does radius damage and boosts her speed, her S2 deals damage in a linear path and her ultimate deals large amounts of damage to the chosen target and gives herself a buff of damage reduction. Due to the simplicity of her kit, she is easy to learn and the only requirement for you to pull off your combo is to focus all your easily casted skills onto the enemy with the lowest health in your vicinity. A mechanically perfect choice for beginners.

Paired with her passive – that is every time she gains a kill or assist, she will refresh all her abilities – it is possible that she can jump into a teamfight, kill one enemy, kill another, and another, and another, and another. This is all thanks to her passive allowing her abilities to refresh, again, again and again, making her the ultimate killing machine.

Things you need to be aware of while playing Butterfly in AOV

Some may fear that because Butterfly falls into the “assassin” category, she is automatically squishy, however we would assure you that that is not the case. Many players have had this concern and thus her most common item build includes the Leviathan, an item that grants max HP for every jungle camp you kill, thus helping contribute to the tankiness of Butterfly. If you fear that the Leviathan is not enough, you also have the 30% damage reduction gained when you use your ultimate, that is sure to aid you in pulling off game winning plays such as tower dives and pentakills. Also, Butterfly regenerates health every time she kills so that once again contributes to her undying presence on the battlefield.

Arena of Valor butterfly

Another concern raised when playing Butterfly is that she has no hard crowd control, making it difficult for her to catch up to enemies with even the slightest mobility after casting her S1 and using her ult, a remedy for that is the three empowered auto attacks after her ultimate. The next three auto attacks after her ultimate become lunges, allowing Butterfly to strike further opponents with her auto attack than she usually can.

One of the few actual skills you require to play this champ is the knowledge of when to enter the teamfight and when not to. This can be easily found out by considering two questions :

  • Is there an enemy with low health?
  • Can that enemy easily get caught out by you, considering their location among their allies?

If your answer is a yes for both questions, then you engage and you slaughter. If not, you bide until the time is right, then you engage. To be able to know the limit of Butterfly and the knowledge on whether you can one-shot them at this point in time is the highest understanding of Butterfly and is what high elo Butterfly mains attempt to achieve. But in low elos, the positioning of the enemies are usually not that good and thus it is easier for you to be able to confidently answer yes for the two questions you need to consider on whether you should engage, thus she is great in the low elo plays. With a certain degree of tankiness and significant true damage, Butterfly manages to stay relevant in high elos and even occasionally appears in pro play, therefore Butterfly is not only your ticket to leave low elo, she still remains a top choice for mid to even mid-high elo.

2. Rourke

Difficulty : ⭐

Combo : S1->S2->S3->AA

Item build: Scorching Winds, Gilded Greaves, Blitz Blade, Rankbreaker, Omni Arms, Blade of Eternity.

best junglers in Arena of Valor rourke

Skill Discussion

Rourke is by far one of the most effective heroes to jungle with, which makes him 2nd in our list of best junglers in Arena of Valor to get you out of low elo. His character in general counters the majority of junglers- assassins. Though Rourke is classified as a marksman, he holds a significant amount of tankiness thanks to his ultimate. His ultimate provides him many shields and the shields only increase as he deals damage to enemies. Every time an enemy assassin tries to attack and engage onto Rourke, they are given the surprise that is his ultimate and sudden crowd control from his S2 and the burst damage from his S1. Therefore many assassins are terrified about engaging onto Rourke, giving him a pseudo-invincible oppressing presence over the enemy jungler. The tankiness provides him with a warrior-like presence on the battlefield that differs from the assassin presence most junglers bring to the table.

However, with the empowered auto attack from his S1, he gains immense burst damage. When paired with his S2, a stun followed up by a sudden burst of damage is sure to send the enemy running the other direction or straight back into their healing pool. Even if the enemy players run the other direction, Rourke can still reach them with his mid-range auto attacks that grant his “marksman” category. Rourke players can hide in the bushes and set up such ambushes to burst enemy squishies. This burst damage gives Rourke the qualities of an assassin and allows him to contribute even more to his team.

As mentioned above, the shields gained from his ultimate can be increased by the amount of damage he deals during his ultimate. Therefore he is often built attack speed as seen from the recommended Scorching Winds and Blitz Blade. This attack speed gives him a little bit of marksman quality, allowing him to spray the enemy team with auto attacks in a position of safety as he hides behind the shields from his ultimate, unlike regular marksman who hide behind their tanks and supports.

AoV Rourke

As you may see from the above points, Rourke has the ability to bring three different roles to the game, those being warrior, assassin and marksman. By being so versatile in roles, Rourke has a strong game presence and overall imposes a threatening presence over the battlefield. With his easy to use mechanics, he is a great character to rank up with to get out of low elos.

Things you need to be aware of while playing Rourke in AOV

However, Rourke players must know that because many assassins are terrified of fighting him with his ultimate, they tend to do semi-aggressive plays with an intention to retreat in order to bait out, making Rourke ultimate-less and much more vulnerable. To play around this, Rourke players should never use their ultimate at the start of a fight as it is a huge disincentive for the enemy to engage and thus making you waste your ultimate. To make the most of your ultimate, you need to use reverse psychology. When the enemy jungler engages onto you, do not use your ultimate and make them think that you do not have it. The illusion that you do not have your ultimate gives the illusion that you are currently vulnerable, thus baiting the enemy assassin into committing into fighting with you, making them cut off their own means of escape as they fully commit into fighting you. And midway of the fight, when you are around half hp – give or take- pop your ultimate and surprise them with your combo, sealing their fate of getting slain at your crossbow.

Rourke’s one weakness is teamfights, as the amount of shields he gains from his ultimate and his damage dealt during that time is limited, though he may be tanky and invincible in a 1v1, he can still be easily burst down  in a teamfight. Therefore Rourke players do not need to hurry into a teamfight as it isn’t even his strongest playing field. They should wait patiently and engage when the enemy team is a little worn out and their abilities have been mostly used up, then Rourke can show up at peak condition and send them all back to their healing pools.

Rourke, a tanky champion with burst and range, certainly a strong pick no matter the elo as he acts as a counter-pick to the vast majority of junglers out there. He holds many pros and few cons whilst being mechanically simple. In addition, his ultimate also acts as a safety insurance for low elo players if they mess up, giving them room for error and a lot of power. Making him a perfect pick for lower elos. And as your rank increases, Rourke still remains viable due to the loads of strengths he has, securing his spot in both high elo gameplay and even pro tournaments.

1. Zephys

Difficulty : ⭐⭐⭐

Combo : S1->S3->S2->AA or S3->S2->S1->AA

Item build: Leviathan, Gilded Greaves, Rankbreaker, Omni Arms, Hercules’ Madness, Blade of Eternity.

best junglers in Arena of Valor Zephys

Skill Discussion

Last but not the least, Zephys holds the top rank in our list of best junglers in Arena of Valor to get you out of low elo. Zephys is a forgiving character to play due to his passive- for every 3% of health lost he will gain 1% of damage immunity. As his health goes lower and lower, so does his damage immunity, making him extremely tanky and easily forgives misplays as he shrugs off the damage dealt onto him. His S2 also contributes to the tankiness as it provides him with a method to lifesteal and thus increasing his sustainability. Though it may not sound like much on paper, we assure you that his tankiness is out of this world. He can be regarded as a semi-tank to supplement the role of tank in a relatively squishy team composition. With this insane tankiness, Zephys is very forgiving to play, thus low elo players who make more mistakes won’t be punished as hard as they escape with a slither of health and in awe because if they played any other jungler they would have been dead.

Though Zephys is very tanky, he does not lose his damage output. As his abilities such as ultimate and S1 scale quite heavily, with attack damage ratios such as 130% and 140% he maintains his features of an assassin, carrying strong burst damage to one-shot squishy backlines.

Another great feature about Zephys that allows him to top the list is his relatively high mobility. Most of the characters mentioned on this list have little mobility, only having increased movement speed or a dash that cannot pass through walls ( Rourke ). This makes them not exactly ideal to be a jungler as they are considered not mobile enough when compared to the likes of  Zephys with a dash and a jump that can both go through walls, allowing him to save time in walking around walls to get to other lanes to gank them. With two mobility abilities, he is quite optimal for a jungler as he can swiftly travel through the lanes and gank sooner than other junglers with lower mobility.

best junglers in Arena of Valor Zephys

Another strength of Zephys is the impact his ultimate can bring to a teamfight. His ultimate allows him to jump onto a designated area and knock up everything within that area. When executed finely, the knock up can knock up the two or more of the enemies and optimally their backline carries. This knock up is a perfect signal for allies to engage and take out the enemy team. A good Zephys ultimate can initiate a flawless teamfight, making him highly impactful and influential to the outcome of the game, therefore do pay attention to your ultimate accuracy as that is the game changing skill that you require to carry and boost yourself out of the low elo.

Things you need to be aware of while playing Zephy

We usually tell what you should be aware of and Zephys weaknesses, however, Zephys truly is a meta neutral character that doesn’t have any particular weaknesses or strengths, and that is actually his strength as he works with and against nearly any team composition. He is so forgiving that there is nearly no situation that you should initially stay away from except for being outnumbered. This comes to show that Zephys endures in nearly every situation and easily forgives players for their mistakes, making him a perfect pick for low elo junglers. This is what makes him the best of junglers in Arena of Valor. His strength of being meta neutral and mechanically easy carries him through low elo plays to professional games as he holds a constantly significant value amongst other junglers as he upholds the qualities of being both tanky and able to deal damage at the same time.

Final thoughts

This concludes the top 5 best junglers to get you out of low elo in Arena of Valor. They all have one thing in common, they are mechanically easy. Even if their kits may not be that good, it will suffice as this is low elo we’re talking about, people often make mistakes and characters such as Batman, Zanis and Butterfly capitalize off that. Characters such as Zephys and Rourke, protect you from your mistakes. If you are stuck in a low elo, hopefully, you will have gained some insight into what characters you should play to get yourself out of there and how to play them. Happy boosting yourself!

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