Arena of Valor Objectives Priority Guide

Secure the objectives by setting your priorities!

Across the map of Arena of Valor, there are objectives situated at different locations, each with different uses and of different importance. In order to win the game, it is advised and even necessary for players to secure the objectives. Once we are introduced to Arena of Valor, we are given the main objectives of the game, towers and bases, for which a guide to set each priority is a must.

So, in this Arena of Valor objectives guide, we will be going over the priority of each and every objective in the game so that you can take objectives and play the game at the highest efficiency possible.

Arena of Valor Objectives Priority Guide: Overview

To win the game, we all know that we have to demolish the turrets one by one until we reach the base, then destroy the base in order to achieve victory. However, other than these objective priorities players with some knowledge of the game may have already noticed that there are other objectives such as Jungle camps, the Dark Slayer, the Abyssal Dragon, the Spirit Sentinel etc. As we begin to learn the game, we begin to recognize each and every objective and their uses. However, to use this knowledge of each objective to its fullest potential requires understanding of their prioritization. So, to help you with it, we present this objectives priority guide in order to bring in results of highest efficiency in Arena of Valor.

Turrets in Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor objectives guide for Turrets
Core defending units of the game

Turrets, the core defending units of the game. Many think that all turrets are the same and are worth the same, however that is a false belief as turrets from different lanes have different characteristics and are valued differently. To evaluate turrets is simple, first we need to categorize the turrets as ADL (Abyssal Dragon Lane) , DSL (Dark Slayer Lane) and Mid Lane turrets.

ADL Turrets

During the first 5 minutes of the game, the ADL turrets are the only ones that do not have increased defenses and thus are the easiest to demolish early on. After demolishing the ADL turrets, you gain easier access into half of the enemy jungle.

DSL Turrets

In the first 5 minutes of the game, the DSL turrets have increased defenses and are harder to demolish. After its demolition, access to another half of the enemy jungle is easier

Mid Turrets

Also has increased defenses during the first 5 minutes of the game. However, upon its demolition, access into both halves of the enemy jungle will be easier.

Comparing the Turrets

From the above content we can see that although the ADL turrets are the easiest to fall fast, they are not the most valuable turrets to take or defend. As that would be the Mid turret because it allows access to both sides of yours or the enemy’s jungle. Now, why is the jungle so important? It is the jungle camps that are important and even are objectives themselves.

Jungle Camps in Arena of Valor

Jungle camps are littered everywhere throughout Arena of Valor, killing them provides gold and experience for the player who killed it and players nearby (unless they have the support item).

The Dark Slayer

The Dark Slayer spawns 7 minutes into the game and is the second latest jungle to camp to spawn in the game, signifying that the Dark Slayer’s relevance only begins to emerge during the lategame. After killing the Dark Slayer, the person responsible for slaying it will receive the ability to summon the Drake.

Dark Slayer - Arena of Valor objectives guide
The Dark Slayer

Upon summoning the Drake, ally minions will become empowered and are more tanky and deal more damage, also the Drake will follow the lane nearest to the spot it was summoned and proceed to attack anything in its path, be it minion, turret or even enemies.

Three ways of using the Drake in Arena of Valor


This option is adequate when your team is in a defensive position and would like to play it conservatively in an even/ losing match. Put the Drake on the lane your team is weakest at-determined on the least amount of ally turrets remaining in that lane. This enables the Drake to defend said lane as it clears enemy minion waves in that lane and acts as vision for your team to know if the enemy is trying to go for a split-push on
your weakest lane- the most likely one they will split-push on.


This option is suitable for when your team is in a good and leading position. Place the Drake on the lane where the enemy is strongest at- determined by the most amount of enemy turrets in the respective lane. After placing down the Drake in that lane, proceed to launch an attack or try to force teamfights on the enemy’s weakest lane. This attack will force them to focus their players onto their weaker lane, removing the pressure from their strongest lane and thus allowing the Drake to split-push for you. And as the Drake slowly chips away at their strong side, they will soon be left with nothing and victory will be yours for the taking.


This is commonly seen in standard matches and even ranked matches and does not hold any macro value whatsoever, its main purpose is to act as a siege tool- as the name implies- and ultimately a tool to end the game. When the enemy team only has their high ground turrets left and you can’t seem to demolish those turrets due to the enemy’s steel-like defense, deploy the Drake before the turret and allow it to do the demolition work for you as it can reach the turret without entering its range, your job is to protect the Drake from the enemies and or catch our enemies who overextend in attempt to kill the Drake.

However, an often overlooked strength of the Drake that is constantly overshadowed by its ability to act as the 6th splitpushing member of the team is its ability to buff ally minions. This ability is really strong when closing out the game as it increases the durability of minions and thus making it harder for the enemy to defend their turrets. The effect is most obvious when the enemy team is down by all three high ground towers and super-minions come out by the threes.

With three buffed super-minions marching towards the enemy base from each lane, it is incredibly difficult to defend as the tankiness of the super-minions are nearly equivalent to that of a tank. And as the enemy team struggles to clear the minion wave, your allies can focus on taking the enemy team out or just focus on attacking the base, leaving all the tanking to the minions.

So we can see from above, the main buffs the Dark Slayer brings to the table is mostly that of demolishing turrets or simply making it easier to demolish turrets. Though demolishing turrets are definitely important for the game, it is more significant during the lategame as when it is applied then it could be used to end the game, whereas if it is used during the midgame, it can at most take out a tower or two- it does impact, but not as much as during the lategame.

The Abyssal Dragon in Arena of Valor

The Abyssal Dragon carries great significance during the early-midgame as it provides global gold and experience for your team. By securing the Abyssal Dragon as much as possible, you will cause the game’s rhythm to swing into your team’s favor as the gold and experience difference between your teams begins to slowly increase and increase over time. It is highly advised for junglers to try and contest the Abyssal Dragon after ganking the Abyssal Dragon lane alongside the Abyssal Dragon Laner, the Support and even the Midlaner.

Abyssal Dragon in Arena of Valor
The Abyssal Dragon

The Abyssal Dragon creates opportunities and leads for your team and should be highly prioritized, sometimes trading an ally for the Abyssal Dragon is worth it as long as the enemies do not receive “Shut Down Gold” from slaying said ally.

Enraged Abyssal Dragon

The Enraged Abyssal Dragon spawns 15 minutes into the game, being the latest spawning jungle camp within the game. When a game gets drawn on for this long, it can only mean that both teams have near similar skill levels,and in order to declare a victor,the Enraged Abyssal Dragon Emerges.

Enraged Abyssal Dragon in Arena of Valor
Enraged Abyssal Dragon

After slaying the Enraged Abyssal Dragon, allies will gain buffs depending on their roles (refer to the list below )

Marksmen+10% Crit Chance and +15% Armor Pierce
Supports Restores 100 HP and 50 Mana to nearby allies per 5 seconds
Tanks1% HP Recovery per second
Assassins+100 Armor Pierce, +75 Magic Pierce and 20 Movement Speed
Mages +75(15%) Ability Power
Warriors+50(10%) Attack Damage
Gain stats after slaying the Enraged Abyssal Dragon

These buffs allow each champion of each role to be able to fulfill their respective role better, thus without regard to whether the enemy team’s champions counter yours or not, you are statistically better at your role as you have buffs that allow you to fulfill your duty better than they do. By giving the team who has these buffs a literal statistical edge on their respective equivalent on the enemy team, it guides the game to decide a victor within the match.

Arena of Valor objectives guide
The Abyssal Stone

And if that was not enough the Enraged Abyssal Dragon leaves behind an Abyssal Stone that can allow the receiver of the stone to gain 1000 HP when taking lethal damage. As the stone is often picked up by the carry in the game, this allows the carry to have more sustain and ultimately more ability to carry.

Thus we can see that it is only significant during the lategame when both teams are on similar skill level and there can’t seem to be a winner, making it the deciding factor in a close match. However, if the teams’ skill level has a significant disparity, the stronger team can crush the other without need of the Enraged Abyssal Dragon Buff. In conclusion, the significance and the priority of the Enraged Abyssal Dragon are only high when the match is close, taking it when the match isn’t would simply mean overkill.

If there is a skill level disparity where you are stronger than the enemy team and you are looking to end the game, utilizing your time to take the Dark Slayer may be a more optimal choice. If the match is a close one, the Enraged Abyssal Dragon may be your only chance at winning.

Spirit Sentinel in Arena of Valor

Situated opposite to the Dark Slayer, the Spirit Sentinel has little significance and only acts as an extra source of income for junglers or an edge to win the Slayer Lane as it provides increased movement speed and HP regeneration.

Spirit Sentinel - Arena of Valor objectives guide
Spirit Sentinel in Arena of Valor

The buffs it provides are best equipped by Slayer Laners as the increased sustain can allow them to have better trades against their
laning opponent and increased movement speed so they can roam at a faster rate.

For junglers, it increases their sustain so they don’t need to go recall as often and can roam even faster than before.

The Spirit Sentinel is of relatively low significance but should be taken at all opportunities.

Small Jungle Camps in Arena of Valor

Ally Jungle Camps

Jungle camps on your side of the map are not of importance to any roles other than junglers as they are the base income for experience and gold for junglers. Without them, Junglers will have to seek economic and experience growth by taxing ally lanes to maintain proper development, thus hindering the economic and experience growth of the respective laner.

Jungle Camps - Ally

In order to prevent that from happening, laners should understand that although jungle camps are not of importance to their team, it is still important that they help secure the jungle camps for the jungler by leashing jungle camps and defending against jungle invasions. By ensuring that your jungler gets his camps, you inadvertently ensure your farm and your economic and experience growth, creating a win-win situation.

Enemy Jungle Camps

Instead of wanting adequate economic and experience growth to the enemy team, you want the opposite of that. You want to force the enemy team into the undesirable situation where their jungler cannot receive their full clear of jungle camps and needs to rely on leaching gold from their laners in order to retain their original growth rate.

Jungle Camps - Enemy

To force them in to the situation above, players often choose to invade the enemy jungle during the first clear with strong early game champions such as Arum, Ryoma and Raz. Some even take the challenger talent “Punish” on them in order to become more adequate in contesting the enemy’s jungle camps. If the invasion is successful, you will flee the enemy jungle with the experience and gold received from killing the respective jungle camp and no casualties. Congratulations, you have effectively ruined the enemy team’s early game in general as it means that the enemy jungler will need to share the experience and gold from a laner or choose not to do so and have significantly weaker gank-ability than your jungler.

Importance of Counter Jungling and Jungle invasions in Arena of Valor

A reason why counter jungling and jungle invades are so important is because players think that although the jungle camps are on their side of the map, the gold and experience received should be designated to them and their team. However, that is not the case as players can counter jungle and take those resources. By combining the notion of those jungle camps being “owned” by the one team and the other team taking it without permission causes the act of counter jungling to be similar to that of stealing. Thus the situation won’t be as simple as you obtaining gold and experience; but more so that you gain gold and experience while they lose it as you decrease the availability of resources for the enemy to take.

Side laners are encouraged to take any enemy jungler camp if the situation allows it. As those camps are supposedly designated to the enemy team, every piece of gold and experience earned from slaying, it is a bonus for you to increase your chances in winning lane and a decrease in the supposed amount the enemy jungler should have, creating an economic disparity between your team and the enemy team.

Therefore, counter jungling and invading are of the utmost priority within all the jungle camps in the game, though they do not have defined buffs to allies (except the Sage Golem and the Might Golem) other than the gain in experience and gold and seem to have a less macro impact on the game than the Dark Slayer and the Abyssal Dragon or any substantial buffs like what the Spirit Sentinel provides. They are the key to creating economic disparity between your team and the enemy team.


Hopefully you will have gained some insight after reading this guide and will have a proper evaluation on the objectives within the game. By having a clear understanding of objectives in the game and their impact on the game, you should see improvement in your macro play as you should know better what objectives to take at what time and in what situation, thus being able to play the game more efficiently than before. Always think and evaluate before you pick an objective to take, think about how you want the game to be affected and which objectives you can take to steer the game onto the track you want.

Did you find our Arena of Valor Objectives Priority Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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