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Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution Eidolon Tier List for December 2023

Choose the best eidolons!

Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution is an engaging MMORPG where you craft your character’s journey, enhance its strength, and thrive in both PvE and PvP. Join the anime fantasy realm and personalize your hero. X Legend Entertainment is set to operate the game in February 2023, and it has been open for pre-registration since August 2023, with an open beta now accessible. Refer to our Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution Beginners Guide for assistance throughout your gaming experience. Discover the optimal Eidolon selections for each role and rarity in our Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution Eidolon Tier List.

Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution Eidolon Tier List for December 2023: Best Eidolons Ranked

We’ve simplified the eidolons into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This makes it easy for you to grasp each character’s potential and select powerful eidolons for your battles.

Strong (S)Alucard, SerenaBastetDante, Ramayan
Good (A)MichelleAnthea, Hoshino AiAlexander, RhaegarCarl Carlet
Average (B)StacyPaktogen

After dedicating a substantial amount of time to the game, we’ve devised a tier list that categorizes eidolons according to their overall strength and abilities. This list is crafted to aid newcomers, like yourself, in choosing the most effective eidolons for your battles as you begin your journey.

Best Meta Characters in Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution for December 2023

In our tier list, we aim to pinpoint the best eidolons in each tier, as shown in the table above. There’s a good variety of eidolons for you to gather and use in battles, offering solid options. Each eidolon possesses unique qualities, and the game presents a diverse range of choices.

With various roles to consider, the selection process becomes a matter of personal preference. The effectiveness of eidolons may vary depending on individual playstyles, making certain eidolons more valuable to different players.

Best Critical Eidolon – Alucard

Alucard stands out for his exceptional offensive capabilities. With the first active ability, Burst Strike, Alucard deals a substantial 250% attack damage while enhancing his self-critical hit rate and crit damage for a brief but impactful 5-second duration. The second active ability, Dragon Flare, further solidifies his prowess by inflicting a massive 1300% attack damage, stunning the enemy for 3 seconds.

Aura Kingdom 2 Evolution Alucard
Image via X-Legend Entertainment

This is also boosting his crit rate for an extended 10-second period. This combination of high damage output and critical hit bonuses makes Alucard a formidable choice for players focused on maximizing damage in battles.

Best Evasion Eidolon – Bastet

Bastet excels in providing both offensive and defensive support. Her first active ability, Vital Support, not only deals 235% attack damage but also grants the Support effect for 5 seconds. This effect significantly enhances damage dealt while evading, and simultaneously reduces damage taken.

Aura Kingdom 2 Evolution Bastet
Image via X-Legend Entertainment

Bastet’s second active ability, Bastet Era, reinforces her defensive capabilities by inflicting 1300% attack damage while reducing damage taken from all sources by a substantial 12% for a 10-second duration. As an Evasion-type unit, Bastet proves invaluable for players seeking a versatile Eidolon capable of both evading attacks and mitigating damage.

Best Power Eidolon – Dante

Dante distinguishes himself with a potent mix of offensive and disruptive abilities. His first active ability, Demise Spinning Slash, deals a formidable 265% attack damage while increasing damage and crit rate for 5 seconds. Dante’s second active ability, Darkfire Slash inflicts 330% attack damage.

Aura Kingdom 2 Evolution Dante
Image via X-Legend Entertainment

This increases enemy damage taken and decreases the healing scale by 10 seconds. This unique combination of increased damage output and the ability to disrupt enemy healing makes Dante a compelling choice for players aiming to dominate the battlefield with a powerful and strategic Eidolon.

Final Thoughts

In Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution, the different Eidolon choices give players lots of ways to play based on what they like. Eidolons like Alucard, Bastet, and Dante, who are considered the best, show that the game has many options, each good at different things.

Whether you like hitting hard, dodging attacks, or having strong abilities, there’s an Eidolon for you. This variety makes the game fun to explore and share ideas with other players. As the game keeps growing, the many Eidolon choices mean that everyone can have their special adventure in Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution.

What are your thoughts on the Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution Eidolon Tier List? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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